Monday, November 29, 2010

The Nursery Project Begins...

The last couple weeks I started feeling really overwhelmed with the fact that we didn't have a room to put the new baby in.  His nursery was still Case's playroom/piano room.  I couldn't take it.  Wayne calls it nesting... I think it is a little early for that.  I call it being smart with the little time before this baby comes, which will go SUPER fast with Christmas right around the corner.  Not only did I need a space for this baby but I needed to get it decorated and ready.

When I was pregnant with Case his room was already the nursery because it had been painted and ready for Joshua and Caleb so I never felt the same urgency.  He had a space before he was even concieved.

We got a lot done during this long weekend and I know Wayne spent it doing exactly what he wanted... HA!  He was a trooper though and never complained (much).  The transition from playroom to blank slate is now done.  The only thing left in his room is the wine cellar (it's really just a cooler but I think that might be similar to the difference between Target and /Tar-shay/... somehow "cellar" sounds way better!).  Wayne, after much conversation and coaxing agreed to get rid of the wine cellar so that we can keep this baby... it was a tough decision for him:-)  We've put it (the wine cellar... not the baby) on Craigslist and we're just waiting for a buyer.

Here's a look at the room pre-transition

And here is an embarrassing and unorganized look at the room during the transition phase... notice the empty place where the piano once sat.  

I'd share with you a picture of what the office/craft area have become but there's no longer room for me to stand and hold a camera at the same time because it is now the office/craft area/piano room/playroom area.  Who knew you could do SO much with a 11 x 8.5 room... well turns out you can't, at least not if you still want to be able to breathe.  I'm sure we're breaking all kinds of decorator rules, not to mention the heart attack our Realtor will have if we ever happen to hear from her again.  I'm exaggerating... but not as much as I'd like to be.  The loft really didn't turn out quite as bad as I thought it would and I'm just really grateful to have the bedroom emptied for... I'm just gonna say it... Ty.  I reserve the right to change his name down the road but Ty is the winning name right now and I need to call him something so there it is.

Now we decorate.  I have to say that I don't hate saying goodbye to the last white room in our house!  I LOVE the thought of decorating an empty white room but I'd never do it for someone else because Wayne and I are usually the only ones that like it.  I guess that's ok since we're the ones living in it!  My house has a lot of striped rooms, both horizontal and vertical and I wanted to do something different.  I found several rooms that I liked on the internet.  Here are some of my favorites...

This was my favorite but Wayne almost fell over when I suggested it.  I tried to explain that it is just a little tape... he wasn't havin' it!  

I decided to steal the checkerboard wall (below) and run with it.  We aren't capable of choosing neutral colors (our Realtor loves us) so I had to come up with a different color scheme, although I do like this one.    I love navy blue and green together so I looked for nursery themes that followed.  
 Here were some other similar examples.  

And here is the nursery set that helped me decide on the colors
We're only using bits and pieces of it in Ty's room

Next came the math portion.  It seems like an easy enough task to plan this out on paper but making sure the squares are exactly the right size for your wall isn't as easy as it sounds.  Here is what I drew up to work from...

Wayne reluctantly agreed to do the taping last night so this is where I will leave you until we get motivated with the roller and paintbrush, which isn't going to be tonight because I'm exhausted...


Sarah said...

Honestly, I almost fell of the couch reading this. I have almost half of those nursery pictures saved on my computer under decorating ideas HAHA great minds think alike!

I just love it! I can't wait to see how it all comes together. Please let me know if you need anything!

Sara said...

Loved looking at all the options for the nursery. What you picked is going to look great! Can't wait to see the finished product.

The Creason Family said...

Love it! I also love the name Ty. Let us know if we need to come over for a painting play date.

Summer said...

My sadness that you are getting rid of my guest room is balanced out because we (cuz ya know, I'm part of your family) have a name! Love it.

Did you sell the wine cellar yet? Let me know what you are asking for it. I've been wanting one. Also, my house is still white and I love yours, so when you get a break from taking care of/making babies, can you please come help? I should expect you sometime in 2035, right? LOL!