Monday, November 29, 2010

Stroller Blanket

My friend Sarah or Liam's Mom, as she's probably referred to most of the time.  Isn't that what happens once you have kids?  You're identity goes out the window and you're now so and so's mom.  Anyway, she has been so great to help me get my sewing machine out and working.  Thanks to her I no longer live in fear of threading my machine, now winding the bobbin is another story but I'll get there.

I've mentioned her many times before because she is SO crafty and talented.  She has an amazing Etsy shop, Aspire to Be.  She makes the cutest baby gifts, perfect for a baby shower!  The best part is that her prices are VERY reasonable!  She always seems to be creating new things.  Her latest is a stroller blanket (also works in a car seat).  She's giving one away on her blog, Growing on Gettysburg,  for free.  It looks SO cute and VERY functional!  Head on over to enter to win one for your little one!

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