Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hevea Pacifier Review

I am excited to have the opportunity to review the Hevea Pacifier.  I LOVE trying new products so when I saw this opportunity I jumped on it.  So here is my first ever product review...

  • The material is made of natural rubber and is consequently BPA free.
  • The "old school" design and color of it.
  • The "crown" or "tulip" (not sure what it is supposed to be) cut in the corners of the pacifier.
  • The handle prevents some of the bouncing when dropped.
  • It is supposed to be thrown away after maximum of two months use.
  • The cut or mold seems a little bit sloppy.
  • The cost will be around $9.95 per pacifier once they are available (mid November).  
Overall Review:
I like the look of the pacifier however I must admit that I am a bit entertained by those that are available in a variety of colors.  My son is a year old now and has always used a Soothie so at no fault of this pacifier he was totally uninterested in putting it in his mouth; however he did find great pleasure it throwing it.  I like the handle because when this pacifier is dropped (see previous sentence) it doesn't bounce a mile away like the Soothie, which has no handle, does.  I think the handle prevents some of the bouncing action.  

When reading the fine print (when I say "fine" I mean "VERY fine") some concerns were raised with allergies and lifespan of the pacifier.  When purchasing this pacifier you will have to be conscience of any rubber allergies your child may have and when a baby is new you most likely wouldn't have that information so I assume there could be the potential for making the first few weeks more difficult than they already are.  The cost of this pacifier is over and above what I would typically pay.  At nearly $10 per pacifier and with the requirement of throwing it away after 2 months of use, you might as well get on a monthly payment plan for these little things.  I always need to have WAY more than 1 on hand at any given time so you could potentially be talking about paying $10 per month for pacifiers.  Now to be fair, I've never read the fine print on the Soothie so it may very well say that it too should be thrown away after a given amount of time, at which case I'm not a very good mom at this point because my son is currently curled up in his bed with about 7 Soothies most of which we have had for at least 6 months.  

I guess at the end of the day this is probably not a product that I would purchase and for the price I don't think it is one that I would want my baby getting too attached to.  If money is no concern then I think this pacifier is a great alternative to the usual silicone ones and it is cute as well!

For more information on this pacifier and other Hevea products you can find them on the web at or on Facebook at

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