Thursday, January 16, 2014


I am blessed beyond words to have three of my four grandparents still alive.  I'm especially reminded of this blessing as many friends have lost grandparents recently.  I grew up very close to all four of mine and losing Bubby (Dad's mom) 4 years ago was definitely a blow to me.  I still have to stop and remind myself that she isn't here anymore.  She got to meet Joshua and Caleb after I lost them at the hospital but I was only pregnant with Case when she died.  I would have LOVED to have seen the smile on her face having met Case.  When she was dying she actually said, I can't go yet because I haven't gotten to meet my great grandson.  It broke my heart because I would have loved for her to meet him as well.

Poppy has had to go on without her.  I can't imagine how hard it is to continue living without the person that's been by your side for 67 years.  I just can't even comprehend the pain that must come with that.  She was his world.  He took care of her.  She was his priority.  Now he has time.  Lots of time and no one to spend it on.  He lives to take care of others, not himself.  The running joke in our family is that Poppy used to not let you leave without kicking your tires and checking your oil.  If he got around easier we'd probably still have that delay before pulling out.

At his 93rd birthday we were singing happy birthday and at the end someone continued with "and many more" and he just said, "oh I hope not!"  I'm pretty sure he meant it.  Life is hard when you're 93 and living without the person you love more than any other.

Ty and I took Poppy out to dinner the other night.  This is something I don't do nearly enough and he is only 10 minutes away.  It struck me as I carried Ty in one hand and Poppy willingly held on and leaned on my other arm how much things have changed.

One thing stays absolutely the same though.  He still worries about others and you don't leave his retirement home without him standing in his window watching you pull out until he can't see your car anymore.

That's him in the window... watching.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Rhythm Discovery Center

Wayne ended up working several days around Christmas and New Years when he would usually be off so he had some floating holidays to take.  He had today off and also has tomorrow off.  We LOVE having Daddy at home with us!  We decided to check out the Rhythm Discovery Center today.  It was a last minute decision and a place I had thought about frequently but thought my kids might be a little too young.  I was wrong.  It was AWESOME!

 When you first go in there are two gongs.  Both are big but one of them is giant!  They were really cool.  I wish you could clearly see Ty's face in this one.  He makes such an angry face.  So silly!

Ty on the giant gong, which most  likely has a much more technical name

Ty and Case on the other big gong

drum circle
 They have two sound proof rooms where you can go in and play as loud as you want and you can barely hear anything from the outside.
LOVE his face here!  He thought this was so cool!

That's Daddy on the cow bell.  What band doesn't need a cow bell?  He's available for parties and bar mitzvahs.  His rate is VERY reasonable :)  Case has a small drumset at home so he thought this big one was pretty cool.  I secretly hope that he grows up to play the drums.  I know I will regret having said that one day but for now I think it would be cool!  And the answer to the noise problem follows...

Turns out there is such thing as electronic drums.  Who knew?  If my boys get into drums for real I think this is the way to go for sure!  You can't hear a thing unless you're wearing the headphones.  It was really neat!  

And the end to our perfect trip out was a late lunch at Bucca Di Beppo, where we sat in the kitchen.   We spent way more money than we intended but it was such a fun day we didn't even care!  

So thankful for this fun day!  Hoping tomorrow carries just as many memories!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Christmas 2013

We had another truly blessed Christmas this year.  What an amazing gift God gave us that we absolutely do NOT deserve.  I pray that you know Jesus and all the gifts that come from that relationship.  

Here's a look at our Christmas celebrations this year...
Daddy was keeping it classy with his redneck wine glass,
which he proudly obtained in one of our white elephant
gift exchanges.  

Christmas with Wayne's family... see all those girls?  Ours are the only boys.  Love to see them all together!

This is the aftermath of Christmas at Grandma and Grandpa's house.  Spoiled is an understatement there!  

Christmas morning at home :)

Ty didn't take his jammies off the entire day because he
loved being an elf! Case said his legs were candy canes!

Seeing what Santa brought

Checking out his Radio Flyer toy

So many presents to open!

Case's gift to Ty.  He loved it!  

It was so much fun to watch Case's face light up with each gift.

Daddy lost a dart from one of the new "shooters" and had
to empty all the trash to find it.  That was fun for him :)

Case was SUPER proud of his new Transformers!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Case's 4th Birthday Party - MONSTER TRUCKS

Boy, being snowed in does wonders for my blog!  I'm back at it (for now).

Case decided on a Monster Truck theme for his 4th birthday party on 10.26.13.  It was a fun day surrounded by tons of people that love our family more than we deserve!  We are truly blessed!!!
The invite

The Birthday Boy :)

Soup bar

"Refuel Station"

Goody bags

The cakes - Thanks to cousin Suzie!!!

Sneaking treats before the party... do you see how full his mouth is?

A VERY blessed little boy!

He loves blowing out the candles!
With CoCo and Molly :)
Case's big gift from Grandma and Grandpa.  He LOVES it!

Lots of fun throwing the paper!!!

The day ended with a very worn out little brother (and Mommy)

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

2013: A Year in Review Through Pictures

Attempting school with the boys.  Case does pretty good if we can keep things on his terms.  Ty may never know is letters or the color yellow or blue and really has no interest in learning anything.  Boys!

This is the favorite walking destination with all THREE boys.  They love to throw rocks in the creek.

Problem is that this is what they look like when they leave.
Not sure how many times I had to hose down that stroller
this summer!
And apparently this happened once as well.  I wasn't there but
Daddy assures me Case thought it was AWESOME to play
IN the creek! 

Another ER visit for my accident prone little man.  He was driving a tractor on the concrete and it slipped away from him and rather than his hands catching him his face took the brunt of it.  No stitches, just a big bill for the most expensive popsicle this kid has ever eaten!   Thinking about keeping him in a bubble!

We stopped at some school playgrounds.  As always, when there is space to run they are forever yelling "to infinity and beyond" with their arms out like Buzz Lightyear.  Love it!

A trip to McDonald's with most of the Baby Jam boys.  It was so cute to watch them all eat together!  Now missing a few that have since moved away.   

Ty's first time in big boy underwear.  He was SO proud of that underwear!  I'm SO SO SO HAPPY to report that we are ending this year with him potty trained... minus a few pee issues at times and a pull up at night.  

Ty and his Buzz Lightyear wings... there was a time I thought he might never take them off and he just couldn't understand why he couldn't wear them in the car.  

 Can never be too careful.  He's obviously seen all his brother's injuries and isn't taking any chances.  

 We got a membership to Conner Prairie this year and had no idea how much fun it would be for the boys!  This membership is a keeper for sure.  

Ty's first root beer.  He was a BIG fan!

They have a GREAT water area!  

Ty.  Hangin' out with a calf.  Not many places you can do that!

And the gift shop has some pretty amazing (and messy) suckers

The boys got in lots of pool time at Grandma and Grandpa's this summer.  Case is pretty well independent and Ty is pretty close.  Case likes to take his floaties off in the areas that he can touch.  They did swim lessons with their buddy Andrew at Grandma and Grandpa's pool.  It was nothing short of a disaster for everyone but Andrew.  Case did great on the very last lesson, in case that counts for something.  Lord help their future teachers!  

Snacks and a show in their Cars bed, which Ty chose to sleep in every night for about a week.  

We found a new little slushy shop near our house this summer and made several trips.  Only a buck for their little ones, which are big enough for them to share.  They loved it!!!

My little stud, Ty ready for family pictures.  Man I love this kid!  

Wayne and I got to do a scavenger hunt downtown through a local church's couples ministry.  The picture speaks for itself but it was a lot of fun!

We got to attempt neighborhood trips to the playground on our bikes this summer.  Ty may never learn to actually use the pedals but he's so fast with just his feet I guess it doesn't matter.  Case is a pro!

Spent lots of time working with Daddy in the garage!  

Court and I got to go to the concert of a lifetime!  NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK!!!!  It was AMAZING as were our seats!!!!  Way better than I could have imagined!  There is, however, nothing that will bring you back to reality and your true position in life than a phone call from your husband (who it turns out is NOT Jordan Knight) telling you that your littlest one is puking.  Oh well!  Still an amazing night!!!

Went on a great long weekend to Holiday World and stayed in an awesome cabin!  It was so much fun, we've already got plans to go back in May!
after a long hot day Ty is all but asleep on this one

Case rode this ride about 100 times.  It picks
you up and drops you over and over again.   He loved
 it!  He looks so little in the seat!

 Case's first camping trip with Grandma and Grandpa.  Ty decided once it got dark that he was going home with Mommy and Daddy.  This was a pretty special time for Case and Grandma and Grandpa I think!  

There's no such thing as camping without
ATV's.  Both boys are hooked on these!

Ty got a big boy bed!  This bed could not be cuter!!!  We thought we couldn't take the front of his crib off and after getting his leg stuck while climbing out we knew we needed to get him into a big boy bed.  I hunted and hunted and saw this one on Amazon but couldn't justify paying for it.  A few days later it popped up on Craigslist and I was all over it!  It is the cutest in his nautical room!!!  Oh and p.s. it turns out the front of his crib did come off... lesson learned:)

Between the State Fair and many little fairs, the boys definitely enjoyed their share of rides and fun this summer.  
Whew!  Good thing this didn't work...
although sometimes it seems like they
are getting bigger overnight!  

Case on a Case :)
Case on the big slide BY HIMSELF!  I can't believe he's that big!
He LOVED it!!!!

The boys and Molly had fun in the farmer area of the fair this year!

We got to enjoy some sights in Cincinnati this year as we went for celebrate my cousin Heather in the Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Walk.  She's an amazing woman and such a fighter!  Happy to report she is currently done with ALL treatments!  Praise God!!!
Cincinnati Zoo

Our first night in a hotel bed with all three of us.  Not gonna
lie, it made for a good picture but not a great night of sleep
for me!  It was fun though!
The Treasured Chests our team in honor of Heather Beachy!
We have a pretty amazing family!  Blessed!

Annual trip to the apple Orchard with the Creasons
Sometimes this is just how family pictures go.
But look... everyone is smiling!  You don't get
that kind of cooperation when everyone is
right side up!

Love watching these three together!

Wayne's pretty sure he found the winning apple for the day.

Tracey and Me... not sure what I'd do without her!

The Creason's

Daddy had to do quite a bit of travelling this year... not something I signed up for but we survived.  We sure do prefer having him home though!  The boys started rolling their suitcases all over the house and would say they were getting on an airplane just like Daddy.  And after his first trip he brought them each a sucker, from then on they were convinced that was the reason he left and expected one at the end of each trip.  

Waiting for Daddy at the airport, in their jammies.
They got so excited every time they saw him!!!

Halloween with our Baby Jam friends.  They're all getting SO big!!!  

And a sweet ending to a sweet year!  
Ty and his Minnie Mouse, who he sleeps with every night!
Probably the sweetest part is that this Minnie Mouse was
bought when I was too sick to go on a Disney trip while pregnant
with the twins (at the time we didn't know they were boys) and mom
brought this and a Mickey Mouse back for them.