Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bed Head

So Case's hair has really been growing out in the back especially.  Now when I say growing out I don't mean filling in, I just mean getting longer.  He's starting to look like he's got Daddy's miniature mullet from high school.  I really don't want to become one of those parents who missed the haircut window on their kids.  You know the ones... they're in denial that their kid needs a haircut because it is just another step towards them growing up.  Well I am totally in denial and definitely want the growing up to slow down but after I found a half off coupon to Cookie Cutters in my inbox I realized it might be time.

The deal is for Daddy and Baby to get their haircut for only $14.  You can't beat that and since I usually cut Wayne's hair it will give me a break too.  Everybody wins!  I don't know what kind of a haircut an adult gets at Cookie Cutters but what better person to find out on than Wayne?  I wonder if they ask the adults NOT to sit still there so that they can give you a good cut.

As if the coupon and mini-mullet weren't incentive enough to make the appointment, I decided to document Case's extreme bed head in the morning now.  Anyone whose hair looks like this in the morning might need to come to terms with the need for a haircut.

You can't really see the "bed head" in this one but he had just woken up and looked so cute so I had to share because... yes, I am one of those parents!
 How's this for "bed head"?
 And this?

Yes, I know... it is time to pick up the phone and make the call... I'm on it!

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