Saturday, November 6, 2010

Case and Birthday Gifts

Case got so many wonderful gifts for his birthday... so many in fact I deemed them necessary to have a post of their own!  I was shocked at the number of people that wanted to be a part of his first celebration.  We actually ran out of room.  There were so many more people I wanted to invite.  Not only were there so many people there to help us celebrate but they showered Case with extremely generous gifts.  I know I've said it before but I'm going to say it again... I was totally overwhelmed by the love shown to our family at Case's birthday party!

This is Case (Elmo in Raggedy Anne's arms) seeing his gifts for the first time

Case was pretty distracted by Rody (from Uncle Ben and Aunt CoCo) while I "helped" him open his gifts

This is Case seeing everything for the first time at home... he was partial to the balloon because everything else was still in bags and boxes... he had no idea there was a gold mine sitting in front of him.

 Put the phone down... I didn't rob a toy store!  So many great gifts!!!

Case was SO excited!!!

It is hard for me to accept how grown up he actually is but it always sets in when I see him playing with cars just like all little boys do!

This is for Grandpa... yes he can make a basket (yes, I know the hoop is shorter than he is:-)

I'm a little embarrassed of these next shots.  This is a look at my house post birthday party and we didn't even have it here.  This is after we got everything home and put together.  I was about to start hyperventilating!

 It was seriously a mess after the Toy Tornado went through!

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