Friday, November 5, 2010

Case's First Birthday

I've been totally overwhelmed by putting this post together, which is why it hasn't happened until now.  I guess it started with the monumental task of going through 222 pictures, deciding which ones to delete (this is sort of like throwing things away... I'm no good at it), and then editing the ones I decided to keep.  I've managed to get through the pictures so then I have to decide which ones to share and which ones not to.   For some reason I'm guessing the world wouldn't appreciate a post complete with the 176 pictures I did keep nearly as much I would.    I wasn't capable of picking only a few so I put a couple collages together because somehow I feel like I get more pictures in that way.  Here's a glimpse of Case's first birthday party...

... And I can't just leave it at that so here are some more detailed pictures from his party...

 Case LOVES his new wagon... he rode all over the house in it and looked comfortable enough I thought he might fall asleep!
 Case's Birthday Banner
 (Fake) Pumpkins we had carved at Michaels.  The great thing about a Halloween birthday is that this stuff can be used year after year!
 The food table decorated with Case's name.  The "theme" was Candy Corn so I painted these cardboard letters accordingly
 I don't know if this gives you any idea of just how many people we stuffed into my parents house but there were about 50 there!
 My cousin Suzie made this AMAZING cake!  If the colors had been different it could have been a daggone wedding cake!  She's amazing!!!  She does this as a side job/hobby.  You can see her other creations at Suzie's Sweet Shop.  She dressed as a distressed baker for Case's party, hence the icing all over and egg beater in her hair.  
 Case was baffled by the Happy Birthday singing!
 His first taste
 And now we are ALL in!
 I think this is when I cut him off!
I love this picture because you can see everyone with their cameras out... so funny!
 He was a mess but he had a ball!!!
 Our next stop was upstairs to the bathtub, with Aunt Kay Kay following behind us picking up the cake droppings as we went upstairs.

Thank you to all the special people that have been a part of Case's first year whether your job was to keep me sane or to be one of the sardines we packed into my parents house.  We love you and can't even begin to explain the blessing that you are to us!


Sarah said...

Everything looked so great!! I loved all of the details. The banner turned out so cute, the pumpkins were adorable and such a great thing to have every year, and i LOVED his name painted like candy corn on the table!

PS. The picture of Case in his cute!

Sara said...

Amazing party! I love all the special things you did - the letters of his name painted like candy corn are the best. He looks like he had fun. What a great day!

Summer said...

Best.Birthday.Ever! I love the last picture. He looks so proud of himself! He is growing so fast. Love you guys!