Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Jello Disaster

I know I should be using this time to write my 23 week post but the strawberry Jello disaster is all I can think about right now.  I'm in charge of desserts for tomorrow (Thanksgiving for those of you that don't live here).  I'm making apple cream pie, strawberry pretzel dessert, pumpkin pie, chocolate cake, and if I get really motivated, little turkeys made from Oreos and candy corn (I'm sure this will be its own disaster worthy of its own post).  All of this would be fine except Case is teething and let me just say that the world is clearly supposed to stop for him!  He has been SO fussy... this might be an understatement.  If I try to accomplish anything that doesn't involve him then he stands and tugs at my pant-leg or shirt, whatever he can get a hold of, and either all out cries or whines like you wouldn't believe.  I'm not trying to complain about this because I know his gums are really hurting, I'm just trying to explain how much more complicated baking can be with a 24 pound, whining growth connected to your leg.  

I managed to get the chocolate cake baked before his nap, 24 pound growth and all.  That was all I accomplished.  Once naptime hit I kicked it into high gear.  I got the apple pie baked and the strawberry dessert started.  The pretzel crust was done and I got the whipped cream/cream cheese layer mixed and on the crust.  This dessert also calls for strawberry Jello.  You have to let it set up some in the bowl before pouring it on top of the other two layers.  I was getting pretty cocky by this point... very impressed with all that I had accomplished.  I had the Jello in the fridge and was just putting the 13x9 pan in, which housed the other two layers of this dessert.  Everyone stop here and think about your own fridge for a second.  Do you automatically have room for a 13x9 pan or would things have to be rearranged?  Please just tell me they would need to be rearranged to make me feel better!  I shifted a few things around and thought I had room so I set the pan down, which pushed the Jello to the back, only it didn't stop there.  Instead it tipped so red jello was pouring down the back of my fridge.  Now if you want to recreate this just for fun, make sure when the Jello tips that it is on the same side as the hose for the water in the door because the only way to make this authentic is to make sure that the coiled and zip-tied hose is covered in the Jello as well.  

I immediately wanted to blame my husband for this mess because it was clearly his fault (yes I know he is at work).  He is under some delusion that the Crystal Light Pitcher Fairy comes in the middle of the night to refill empty pitchers pitchers because when he pours the last glass the pitcher still goes back in the fridge.  Now I have seen this empty pitcher in the back of the fridge about a 100 times but chose to do nothing about it, which means I can no longer blame him.  Instead I just have to suck it up and figure out how to clean this mess up.  My kitchen was already a mess from all the cooking so taking shelves out and drawers (yes more than one because this couldn't have happened on the bottom shelf) is quite the challenge.  I did eventually get everything cleaned up, well that's not entirely true.  That water hose is never going to be the same but everything else is back to normal... actually cleaner than normal.  God knew that I couldn't take much more because Case took an extra long nap waking up just as I finished the clean up process.  

How am I writing this you  ask?  Well my weird kid, just on the other side of this wall, didn't want to get out of his crib.  He wanted to stay in it and play after his nap.  So he is walking back and forth in his crib, playing with his stuffed animals, and switching between his 7 pacifiers... I think I might even hear him jumping up and down or something.  At this point if he is happy, then I am happy.   

Oh what a day and it isn't even 2:00 yet!

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Sarah said...

OOOh just made my day tell this story. I was laughing out load reading parts. You just crack me up with how you phrase things, i love it! So glad that the 24 pound growth took an extra long nap. My 23 and a half pound growth took a super short nap and has been 'helping' oh so much today :-)

Have a good Thanksgiving!