Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree

Growing up I always had fake trees (I think my mom says this isn't true but she also thinks my brother was perfect growing up so clearly her memory is skewed and can't be trusted) and never really saw the excitement of getting a live one until Wayne took me to the Christmas Tree Farm about 3 years ago.  Now I LOVE it and I love even more that it will be carried on as one of those traditions with my kids (whew... putting that "s" on the end is still a little scary).  Now last year I sadly admit that we didn't even put a tree up, unless you count the Charlie Brown Tree you can pick up at your local Walgreens as a tree.  Yea... I know... what kind of mom doesn't put a tree up for babies' first Christmas?    Let me just tell you it's the kind that was still trying to get her "mom" legs and doesn't really have any excuse other than that, which I'm pretty sure will be enough in the mind of anyone who remembers being a new mom.

I was so excited that this year we got to take Case to "help" us pick out our tree!  We had a blast!!!

Waiting on the tractor to take us to the trees

I can remember a couple times that we went to pick out our tree and once we cut it down and got it home realized it was much smaller than it looked on the farm.  Let's just say we didn't struggle with the same dilemma this year.  I'm pretty sure this tree grew two feet on the car ride home.

"Mom of the Year" forgot to bring mittens for Case so he wore Daddy's gloves for a while

Upon returning home was scene straight out of National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.  Wayne brought the tree in and it didn't fit in our living room.  It was about a foot too tall so he had to take it back out and saw the end off.  The good news is now we have greenery decorating everything from our fireplace mantle to our pots and pans wall rack.  The bad news is that you have no idea how many needles fall off of a tree after it being dragged in and out of the house 4 times.  I'm guessing from the looks of it, it was a little stressed out... as was I.
  Pre Trim

 Post trim

Once he got it to fit in our living room, and I use the term "fit" loosely, it looked beautiful!  Case didn't show too much interest in it until Wayne put the lights on it.  Clearly Daddy had put them on wrong because Case had to keep rearranging them!

Now we have a beautiful tree in our living room that has so far stayed in the vertical position for 3 days and counting.  Maybe we'll get really brave and add ornaments in the next day or two.

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Summer said...

So sweet. We always bought real trees when I was growing up. There's nothing like it. Brandon & I use a fake tree that we've had forever, but as soon as I (God willing) have a child we are going back to a real one!

Case looks so cute sitting under the tree!