Wednesday, June 29, 2011

9 Years Ago Today

9 Years Ago Today...

My Dad walked me down a very long aisle

Where I found you

We vowed to love each other forever

You made all my dreams come true 9 years ago today

Dear Wayne,
3,287 days... that's how many days we have been married (yes, I even accounted for leap year).  Happy NINTH anniversary!!!  If someone had told me back in my Freshman year of high school that I would be here with that lanky, semi-mullet wearing, brief boyfriend of mine I NEVER would have believed them!  But God knew... He knew this is where we would be and He knew every moment of laughter and love we would enjoy along the way, as well as all the bumps and bruises we would get traveling this road.  God knew and I'm SO grateful.  This is one of those moments when I can really relate with Garth Brooks and "Thank God for Unanswered Prayers" (yes, I know Garth probably didn't coin this phrase but he did in my world so you go ahead and google where it really originated and report back to me:-).

When I think about how long 9 years is, that day just doesn't seem that long ago!  Or maybe I just don't feel that old!  I mean seriously, how could I possibly be old enough to have been married for 9 years?!?!  It seems crazy to me!  But when I look at everywhere we have been and everything we have been through it seems like it should probably be longer.  Though, out of those 3,287 days I can honestly say that I wouldn't trade one of them!  They weren't all easy and they weren't all filled with snuggles and kisses but they were responsible for bringing us where we are today and not one of them went by without me loving you.

In 9 years we have gone from this... this...
This may not look like much to some people but it is everything to us!  

God has carried our marriage through more trials than I ever thought I would see but the point is He has carried us.  He chose you for me... He knew what He was doing!  Every night when I sit in Ty's room I can't help but be totally overwhelmed by the amazing family He has blessed me with.  I am married to you, the only man that I want by my side everyday until God takes me home.  I have watched you go from husband to godly husband to godly husband and father.  What a transformation God has done in you!  I am blessed beyond words that I get to wake up with you by my side each and every day.

I know that I don't always make life the easiest but even on my worst days I still know that you love me.  Thank you for putting up with me and for making me feel loved.  Thank you for being such an amazing father and loving all of our boys the way you do!  Thank you for working hard so that I can stay home with Case and Ty!  Thank you for always supporting me no matter what crazy decision I am in the midst of making!

Thank you for the last 3,287 days and here's to at least 18,629 more (I'll save you the calculator search... that's another 51 years).

I love you Baby!


Monday, June 27, 2011

Sleeping Baby

Is there anything sweeter or more peaceful than a sleeping baby???

A rare occasion where Ty fell asleep flat on his back
No place this Momma would rather be!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Ty - Three Months Old

Yes, I realize he is actually 3 months and 2 weeks now but I did actually start this post on time, I just couldn't get it done until now!  Oh the life of a busy mom!

Dear Ty,
Wow!  We're already 3 months into your life!  This is SO hard to believe.  I thought time went so fast with Case but it seems to be going even faster with you!  You are at one of my favorite ages now!  You smile so much and you are tracking me more and more.  You are still such a laid back kid, except when I've missed getting you to sleep in the small window of time that you give me between "I'm getting sleepy" and "I'm screaming so you can just forget it!"  During those times there is some MAJOR crying but those are really the only times so I'm not complaining!

You are doing really well with sleeping these days.  We usually put you to bed after your last bottle, which is somewhere between 8:00 and 9:30, and then you sleep until 4:30 (sometimes even until 5:30).  Then you go back to sleep and wake up around 7ish.  This morning you had a little trouble falling back asleep and ended up rolling to your back and watching your mobile until you fell asleep, which is how you are still asleep right now and how mommy is able to work on this post (it's nearly 8!).  That is SO unusual for you but not that you're getting more and more control with rolling I guess you will decide how you want to sleep on any given day.
mid roll... notice your tongue hanging out of your mouth...
just like Daddy!
You are still eating 5 ounces about 6 times a day.  You are kind of a finicky eater in the morning, like you can't decide if you want to eat it or you don't.  You eat the best during your nightime feedings!  I keep thinking you're going to move up on the number of ounces you eat but so far you seem content.  

You are wearing 6-9 month clothes for the  most part now.  Yes son, that is correct, you are 3 months old but wearing the clothes of a 6-9 month old!  Your brother was the same way!  I guess this confirms that you are doing ok in the eating department and I probably shouldn't worry about it!

You LOVE to have someone play with you!  I think watching faces is still your favorite "toy".  Case is starting to make you smile more and more.  You love to watch him!  It makes my heart just about burst with joy when I see you just smiling at your brother.  On Wednesday morning I saw the first glimpse of you guys really being brothers.  I had you sitting on the couch and Case climbed up next to you, held your hand and sat and watched TV for a few minutes.  I even got a couple pictures, although they don't quite capture how cute this really was!

You still like to just lay on the floor and you are SO laid back most of the time.  You are starting to bat at things with your hands.  You have a toy you lay under at Grandma's that has a beach ball that hangs from it and I think it is your favorite toy to bat at.  You also LOVE the bear that hangs from your car seat.  It cracks me up to watch you with him because you have a VERY serious look on your face and you are just talking away.  If only I knew what you were saying to that bear because he seems to be in trouble a LOT!  I also enjoy listening to you talking to him while I'm driving.  You are SO funny!!!  Your brother still can't stand to not be under the activity gym with you.  I'm not sure who likes it more... you or him!

New Things
You are now able to sit in your Bumbo seat.
You don't last too long and your body starts to slump to the left but you can sit in it for a little bit.  It makes you look SO big!  You are also rolling from your belly to your back pretty consistently now and you're getting SO close to rolling from back to belly but you always get stuck on your side.  You've had your first bad cold and I think you are starting to get over it now.  You haven't had a fever but you've been so congested and it sounds like you are hacking up a lung when you cough... you really should cut down on the smoking:)

Ty, Mommy loves you SO much!!!  Thank you for all the smiles!!!

Friday, June 24, 2011


Rules???  They were made to be broken!  We went to the rec center two nights ago so that I could hit softballs. For the record... I am still capable of making contact with the ball!  When we were getting ready to leave we walked by the go-karts.  When Wayne and I saw that the car had two seats we knew it was time for Case to go for a ride.  I asked the guy if Case was too little to ride and he said, "he's 3 right?"  I said no and I didn't offer his age but the guy quickly said he'd be fine so I didn't have to.  So my not even two year old hopped in the go-kart with Daddy and off they went...

Now can we take a minute to talk about what a cool mom I am letting my not even two year old ride a go-kart?!?!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Future Wife???

Case has been spending a lot of time with Sage lately.  They go on lots of walks together as well as trips to the park.  Last week they also went on a trip to the zoo together.  Could there be a future for these two?  I can tell ya, I wouldn't hate for Case to marry into Sage's family!  I love them!!!  I should get some say so right?!?!?

Sage and Case sharing a stroller at the zoo

Case probably teasing Sage... she looks irritated.  Boys
always tease the ones they like!

Sage trying to explain the importance of a whole grain diet...
typical wife behavior!

Holding hands... so sweet!

Apparently Sage got a little to clingy for Case... I still think
there's a future for these two!  :-)  

Memorial Day Weekend 2011

What an amazing weekend we had!  There is nothing better than having not one but TWO extra days with my husband being home (well, except maybe having more than 2).

Here's a look at our weekend...
Case got a new pair of rain boots, which he
wants to wear ALL the time!

Ready to go play in his new boots!

Case and Daddy camped in the backyard

Case went swimming with Daddy in Grandma and Grandpa's
pool (this smile was short lived)

Case got to meet Uncle Don and Aunt Lydia's chickens
(he wasn't real interested in holding or touching them)

Ty hung out on a blanket while Case played with the animals

Case meeting Aunt Beth's kittens... he wasn't really a fan of
these either... not scared just not real interested.

Wearing Grandpa's motorcycle goggles

Ready to take off on Grandpa's Harley!

Ty got to sport the onsie his Aunt CoCo brought
him from Disney World.  It has Mater on it and
says "who backfired"... this is funny for SO many
reasons!  Could this kid be any cuter?
It was such a fun weekend!!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sweet Dreams

Ty is the cutest sleeper ever!!!  He is always smiling in his sleep...

I love him!!!!!!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Firehouse Pickle Bucket

I wish there was some sort of contest that Firehouse Subs sponsored where they looked for the most unique use of their pickle buckets, which you can buy for $2 (The money goes back to the firemen so it's a good cause), because I'm pretty sure I could win!  Here is how we used our $2 pickle bucket...

Yep, it's been turned into a diaper cleaning bucket (this is only helpful if you have a sprayer attached to your toilet for diaper cleaning)!  A friend had bought something like this and I thought it would make cleaning gross cloth diapers (which apparently is all that a 1.5 year old knows how to make) a LOT easier but they are expensive.  So I had this idea to make one and my handyman (Wayne) carried it out.  He cut and glued a funnel to the hole he cut in the bottom of the bucket.  He put a hook at the top to hang the diapers from and ta da... you have a "Clean Your Really Gross Cloth Diapers Without Touching Poop" bucket.  I challenge anyone to come up with a more unique use for their Firehouse Pickle Bucket.  

Sidenote... it might be worth the extra money to buy an unused bucket because it turns out there is NO way to get the pickle smell out so now when I wash the diapers there's a not so pleasant pickles and poop smell in the air.  

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Easter 2011

Yes, I'm just now posting Easter pictures.  I'm going to go ahead and use the 2 under 2 excuse again and dare anyone to challenge me on it:-)

Here's a look at all my handsome boys before church on Easter...

And after church...
Case loved his new ATV and please note that those shorts are STILL white!  

Hunting eggs

My cousin and her family were there too so Case got to hunt eggs with Nolan!  So much fun to watch those boys together!!!
I think the "Easter Bunny" got a little carried away with the
quantity of eggs and the Grandma's had to take over!
Case and Nolan with their eggs

Case was SO confused by there being two babies... he just
kept looking back and forth from Ty to Eli.  I think he was
a bit concerned we had added another baby to the family.

Case loving on his brother

Ty, Case, Nolan, Eli

My boys :)  (Who wants to give me an award... those shorts
were STILL white at the end of the day!)

Ty and Eli... poor kids.  This is what happens when us
momma's only have boys... somebody has GOT to get
dressed up!
What an amazing blessing this day was for our family!  God has given me SO many amazing gifts but the true meaning behind this day is the best gift of all!!!!