Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Case's First Train Ride

Case LOVES trains and Daddy and I LOVE watching him with his trains so we were really excited for his first real train ride.  It turns out May 5 was National Train Day so what better day for us to go???  There is a neat transportation museum in the middle of a park in Noblesville, IN.  The train left from there and took us to Fishers where we were supposed to have time for an ice cream but this was their first ride of the season and it didn't go as quickly as they had planned so we just got off the train for a couple minutes and then back on to go back (don't worry we got you ice cream on the way home).  It was so much fun watching his eyes light up with each new experience. 

Watching our train arrive

loved these old leather seats!

This picture reminds me SO much of his baby pictures!!

He even had to have his ticket punched...

ticket to the conductor

The train pretty much drives down the middle
of the street in Fishers.  It was really neat!

Love this picture... it was pure accident but
so cool!

Gotta get our ticket punched on the way home too!

See you got ice cream... now let's talk about
how you should always eat your ice cream
from the top down... random bites out of
the cone don't end well.

This was such a fun day that I don't ever want to forget!!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Ty - 18 months

Well almost 18 months... that's right I'm posting EARLY!!!

Sleeping:  You usually get up around 7:30 but you like being in your bed for a while before I come get you so this is my cue to shower and then go in.  I love that you've learned to love playing in your bed just like Case does.  You go down for a nap around 2 and get up around 4:15.  Then it is bedtime at about 8:30.  If we're out you're happy to stay up later but you definitely start melting down when we're at home.  You have really turned into a great sleeper!  

Eating:  Hmmm... I don't have a clear answer for eating.  You would probably still prefer to drink your diet in milk and want your solid foods to only consist of sweet things.  There are days where you eat really well but most days it's kind of a battle.  You tend to do well with any snacks I give you with your meal but that's about all I can count on.  You seem to do ok with chicken nuggets, turkey rolled up, and cheese.  That's all I got.  I tend to plan meals based on what I think Case will eat because you're such a wild card.  You are usually only getting milk during meal times now to hopefully give your teeth a chance to not be one giant cavity like mine were.  You aren't always pleased when we hand you a sippy cup with water instead of milk in it at bedtime but you don't complain too much.  For snacks you like granola bars, fruit snacks and suckers or any other candy that you can score.  
Your first grocery store cookie
The aftermath of said cookie.
Your first Twix... you were a fan!
Toys:  You love to play with the trains on the train table and you like to drive cars on the floor as you say "vroom".  You like blocks and stuffed animals.  You still love to be read to.  I love to walk in a room when I notice suspicious silence only to find you flipping through the pages of a book.  You love to carry Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse stuffed animals around and to bed.  You also love to climb... on pretty much anything!  
This fan was on the floor but you kept playing
with it so I put it on the dining room table...
guess you showed me!
Clothes:  You are wearing 18 month clothes pretty comfortably but you can go to a 2T in shirts.  I guess you have a long torso and short legs and a small waist.  Some 12 months still fit you in the waist but they're too short.  18 month stuff is a better length but is usually kind of big in the waist.  12 month and some 18 month shirts are belly shirts on you now!  I guess I won't be purchasing any 2 piece sets for this fall.

New Things:  You are SO ticklish.  When I try to unzip your jammies you won't let me because your neck is too ticklish and you just scrunch up into a little ball giggling and saying "tickle".  It's so funny!!!

You love to "sing" along to the alphabet song and you really shine when you get to s and x.  You are starting to count, thanks to the three little bears sitting in chairs in the book Goodnight Moon.

Bedtime Routine:  You are all about Mommy (or Grandma if she's here) for bedtime.  Daddy tries to take you sometimes but he always carries you back out with his head held in shame saying "he wants Mommy".  I'm not gonna lie... I love it!  We read Goodnight Moon and rock in the chair but now we barely finish it and you point to your bed.  When I ask if you want to go to bed you say "Yesssssss!"  There's no more snuggling and rocking happening around here.

Words:  yes, no, stop, fast, Ace (Case), Mommy, Daddy, monkey, doggy, cat, Grandma, drinky, snacky, Minnie Mouse, Mickey Mouse, choo-choo, hiding, tickle, please, thank you (although this sounds more like "welcome"), grandma, I was going to try to put a list together but I can no longer keep track of all that you are saying.  Everyday I'm shocked by the words that you know.  I can't keep up anymore.  I think you are talking more quicker than your brother did.  Case loves to "teach" you to talk too.  I always giggle when I hear him tell you "can you say Bo?" and you do, "say on" and you do, and so on and on and on.  You're a very good student for Case :)

I love dressing you in matching clothes :-)

Sage's tutu... you loved it!  Daddy on the
other hand did not see any humor in this

Such a good dresser!

Your favorite seat at Grandma's house, the
corner of the island where decorations used
to sit but clearly you are all the decor her house

Yes that's you eating tissues... luckily they
weren't used.  

You love being silly with Grandpa!

Hanging with your brother :-)

First Easter Egg hunt... you were content
with the first two you picked up.

Hanging out with Daddy

Your Easter outfit + a sweatshirt.  You
looked so stinkin' cute!

Sound asleep in the swing at the park.  You
always get so relaxed in a swing.  I love this
picture of you!!!
My sick baby :(

Waking up all smiles!

Case taking you for a ride

Daddy is your jungle gym!

Playing baseball with Mommy. Grandpa was our pitcher.

Apparently this is not a grocery cart, it is a Ty cart because
that is all you ever want to put in it!

First trip to the dentist... you did great!

I love this outfit!!!!!!!

You love to countdown before going down the slide!

You and Daddy on Father's Day.  Your shirt says "My Dad is Rad"

Big boy haircut

snuggling with cousin Bethany

I can't believe you are 18 months!  Time is flying and I never want to forget who you are today.  Your smile makes me so happy and the way you giggle with Case (especially when getting in trouble) brings me so much joy I can't put it into words.  I know I'm biased but I think you are such a handsome little boy but I can't believe how fast you've gone from baby to little boy.  So forgive me for the extra hugs and snuggles you're getting from me right now... I don't ever want to forget this part!!!  I love you so much Ty!!!
Mommy :)

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Happy 4th Birthday Joshua and Caleb

Dear Joshua and Caleb,
I seem to write letters to your brothers on their birthdays so I see it only fair that I write to you on your birthday.  It has been 4 years since you were born.  Time has gone so fast and so much has happened since that day.  I was a teacher but I left that job after you went home to be with Jesus.  The day you were I traded in my grade books and lesson plans for the job of "mom".  Mine wasn't the typical "mom" job yet.  Sure I was still responsible for a house but you boys weren't there making that job harder than it should be.  You weren't there keeping me up all hours of the night eating and crying.  You weren't there spitting up on my clothes or making me giggle as I watched you reach new milestones.  You were there in my heart though.  My very broken heart.  You did keep me up all hours of the night with the thoughts and what ifs of everything that would have been different if you were still with me.  God brought me through those nights, just like He did every trial before and after you boys.

God brought me comfort that only God can provide.  He gave me the gift of your Daddy, who let me cry and cry and cry with no judgement and without rushing me through my thoughts of you.  God brought me friends and family that checked on me often and sent flowers and cards.  Friends that still remember to send me a message on this day every single year.

This day four years ago was the hardest day I've ever had yet it was the start of my job as a mom and I wouldn't trade any of the things that happened.  You boys taught me to love differently.  Your brothers, Case and Ty, have a mom that understands how precious they are and how differently things could have ended with them.  A mom that understands the pain that's left behind when you gain friends in heaven that never lived here with their families.  You were part of God's plan.  You did everything God brought you here to do.  Your time was short but your impact was timeless.

You've reached people all over the world.  It amazes me to see how God has used you to comfort others.  Today your video on Youtube has reached over 169,000 people.  169,000 people!

Your website still gets hits daily and I even get comments from people all over the world (some even in other languages) that I've never met every once in a while.  What a great reminder those comments are.  There are many people at the beginning of a very similar journey.  My heart hurts for them but I know this journey, although traveled by few, can be such a gift if their thinking is right.  I didn't make your website or your video thinking that it would reach so many people.  I made it because that is how I kept your memory alive and it was part of the healing process for me.  It was the only way I could think to do something for you but God had other plans for it.  He has used it to let others know they aren't alone.

I could easily sit here and go back to your birthday 4 years ago.  I could easily let those emotions take over again but I choose not to.  I choose to look at the legacy that you left behind.  I choose to see the wonderful friends your lives brought into mine.  I choose to look at your pictures and remember how we could still see your Daddy's nose on you.  I choose to breathe in the smell of your blankets.  I choose to be happy that you are living a painless life with Jesus.  I chose to be grateful that I have Case and Ty here to hold in my arms.  You are in much better hands that you would be here.  But, I will never stop loving you or remembering you.  Thank you for the lives you've touched.  Thank you for being my forever babies.  

Love Always,