Wednesday, November 24, 2010

23 Weeks

This is my weekly pregnancy update. For details on the story behind these updates you can visit my first one here.

Really starting to panic about Baby J's room, which is still Case's playroom.  Wayne has a long weekend because of Thanksgiving, which is a HUGE treat for Case and me.  We love having Daddy at home!  I think we're going to use this time to start working on transitioning the playroom to the nursery.  UGHHH!  The thought overwhelms me!!!  In order to transition you have to move things from one place and they're going to need a new home, of which we are out of!  We have WAY too much stuff and not enough space!!!  Wayne's probably going to "get called into the office" before the weekend is over!
Pregnancy Play-by-play

How Far Along: 23 Weeks

Size of baby: Baby J is the size of a Papaya.  I guess we stay with Papaya for a few weeks now.  

Total Weight Gain/Loss: + 7 I can't even think about this right now.  I'm sure it'll get better after Thanksgiving tomorrow!

Maternity Clothes: Maternity jeans and T-shirt, "The Suit" or sweatpants and some maternity shirts pretty much take care of my wardrobe these days.  You all will be happy to know that my mom, out of pity or being tired of my wardrobe, not sure which, has bought me a new coat and some more shirts and workout pants.  LOVE HER!!!

Gender: BOY!!! So our top name choice right now is Ty.  Not Tyler... just Ty.  I think Wayne is still searching for other names though so we'll see if that sticks or not.  Thoughts?  Suggestions?

Movement: Baby J (can't call him Ty until I know for sure) has been moving a lot today and they've been good strong movements!  I LOVE being pregnant!!!!

Sleep:  Between work and Case teething, just TRY to stop me from sleeping!  

Cravings: Hmmm... I've eaten fish sticks several times this week but I think that stems more from feeling guilty for not getting enough protein than from cravings.  I've also had my share of chocolate and caffeine free Pepsi (although I'd prefer Coke).

Symptoms: Not much this week that is coming to mind right now.  I would say now until the end is my favorite part of pregnancy!!!

Best moment this week:  Doctor appointment on Friday.  I always love seeing my OB and hearing that everything is going great!  Heartbeat was about 159 bpm.  LOVE THAT SOUND!

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Sarah said...

I love the name Ty and being honest, i have been calling Baby J Ty for weeks now :-)