Monday, October 31, 2016

22 Questions with 7 Year Old Case

1.  Where is your favorite place to go?  Holiday World and Conner Prairie
2.  What is something you are really good at?  Basketball
3.  What's something that you think is really hard?  Tennis4.  What is your favorite color?  pink, purple, and red
5.  What is your favorite toy?  Digimon toys
6.  What is your favorite TV show?  Digimon (thank you Netflix)
7.  What is your favorite movie?   Pokemon the movie
8.  What makes you laugh?  When Daddy tickles me
9.  What are you afraid of?  lights that flicker
10.  What do you like to do with our family?  go out and eat dinner together
11.  What is your favorite animal?  orangutan and cheetah
12.  What is your favorite song?  The main Digimon song (Digital Monsters)
13.  What is your favorite book?  Lego Minifigures Character Encyclopedia
14.  Who is your best friend?  Cora, Avery, and Isabella
15.  What is your favorite food?  cake and Jimmy Johns and Subway turkey and cheese
16.  What is your favorite drink?  orange juice
17.  What is your favorite game?  hide and seek and tag
18.  What is your favorite thing to play outside? Digimon
19.  What is your favorite sport? basketball and swimming
20.  What is your favorite holiday?  Halloween
21.  What do you sleep with at night?  Puppy Dog and Bunny
22.  What do you want to be when you grow up?  computer programmer

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Knox is 2!

Dear Knox,
I'm about 3 months late with this post and a lot can change in 3 months when you're only two.  So this is more of a glimpse of you at 2 years three months.  First off I can't believe that you are two let alone the fact another 3 months have happened since that day!

Some stats for you:

Height: 35"

Weight: 28 lbs

Clothing: pants 18M to 2T Shirts 2T

Diapers:  Size 5.  No discussion of potty training here.  I tried sitting you on the potty about 7 months ago and I didn't get your foot all the way to the other side of the potty so it went into the water.  We're going to call that a set back.  You screamed.  I apologized 100 times.  It wasn't pretty and I don't know if you will ever sit on the potty again.  You like to watch the rest of us go though.

Food: You love sweets!  Donuts, candy, chocolate, ice cream, you name it!  You also like milk, pears, graham crackers, veggie sticks, pizza, cereal bars, other things are hit and miss.  Oh and gum.  Lots and lots of gum.  I'm thinking about getting stock in Trident.  You got through several pieces a day and oddly enough you have only swallowed it maybe two or three times.  Sometimes Daddy (he doesn't brush your teeth before bed... if you have teeth issues now that is why) doesn't know you have gum when he puts you to bed and when I get you up in the morning it's still there.

Talking:  You are talking more and more every day.  You have started putting sentences together and you surprise us every day with how much you learn.  Probably the sweetest thing you say is "Thank you Momma," or Daddy or whoever you're talking to.  You are just very quick to say thank you and you always use a name at the end.  Let's hope that sticks.  You have funny names for things that have stuck with us.  The iPad, one of your favorite things, you have named "Ole' Pie", you call a truck a "dutch".  I know there are others but these are frequently used by you and the ones that come to mind right now.  

Tricks: I just turned your car seat around a few weeks ago after you puked from being car sick for the second time.  Thank goodness it was in Grandma's car this time!  When you had the mirror in front of you though you used it.  Really well.  You'd describe the cars you saw in the mirror.  I was always shocked.  I don't remember your brothers ever doing that.  You'd even call out "Pop Paw's Dutch" if you saw one that looked like it.  We were in a parking lot and the road was far away but you saw Mrs. Wolfe's van and yelled "Andy" (he's one of your other favorite people and Mrs. Wolfe's son).  So apparently you have excellent car recognition.  Not sure if that will get you far in life but we find it entertaining.

I can't begin to describe the joy that you bring into my heart each and every day.  You are funny.  SO funny!  You love to laugh and make everyone else laugh... especially your brothers.  You are still obsessed with balls.  You love to shoot a ball, hit a ball, throw a ball, whatever.  About a million times a day I hear, "Momma, shoot ball." and "I hit ball."  I love this!  I love that you seem to have a passion at only 2 years old.  And I'm not gonna lie... I'm really hoping that you pick a sport and grow to really love it!  I don't even care if you are good.  I just want to be there to see you play and feel what it's like to win and learn how to lose with grace.  I want to be there to see you learn all the lessons that organized sports have to offer.  But I only want to be there if you truly love it.  If it's your passion.  Fair warning though.  I don't tend to be a quiet spectator.  I'm loud.  Ask your brothers.

You are no stranger to a good old fashioned tantrum.  You frequently say "no." to any request.  Diaper changes, trying a food you don't like, sharing a toy.  Doesn't matter.  Your typical answer is simply "no."  You've spent your fair share of time in timeout already too.  You used to sit in timeout.  Now I carry you there.  You become stiff as a board so I lay you down and that is how you stay until you're sprung.  At that point we have a little chat about disobedience, which I'm guessing you understand about 25% of.  Then I tell you that you need to say "sorry Mommy."  You don't.  You have NEVER said the word "sorry".  You are stubborn.  VERY stubborn.  One night, and I can't even remember the reason, you were in and out of timeout for about 1.5 hours because you refused to say sorry.  At one point during this standoff, Case brought us a picture book entitled "Sorry".  Genius!  He's a way better parent than I am!  It still didn't work though.  Now when I say you need to say sorry Mommy you just lay your head on me and hug me for about 30 seconds.  In my book that counts.  I will take that over hearing the word "sorry" any day of the week!
Tantrum time
You are starting to role play with whatever toys you happen to have.  It is SO much fun to listen to your characters carry on a conversation.  Sadly it always ends up being a full on riot between them but before they start beating the tar out of each other it's really cute.

You pretty much idolize your big brothers!  You love to run with them and wrestle with them!  No one makes you laugh and smile quite like they do.  You only recently, about a month ago, started saying Case's name.  You've said Ty's for a long time.  Usually over and over and over again until he'd yell at you, "WHAT KNOX!".  He's probably the most excited of all of us that you've learned Case's name.  You ask where your brothers are all day long when they are at school.  "Where Ty?, Where Case?, Where Daddy?" are the questions I hear several times throughout the day.  As soon as you hear an alarm reminder on my phone you yell "Bus!" and head for the door.

You are painfully and awkwardly (for mommy) shy.  You'll say hi to everyone in the grocery store unless I tell you to.  Then you lay your head down on me and won't even look at the person.  You're not a fan of new situations or of any situation that might involve me leaving you with anyone but Daddy, Grandma, or Grandpa.  I have been to church about 2 times in the last 6 months.  You won't stay in the nursery without me so we hangout there together each Sunday.  I usually try to sneak out at some point during the service but even if you don't see me leave and you're completely focused on playing, something in you knows that I'm gone.  I can't make it 10 feet out the door and your scream is piercing every ear within a one mile radius.  Seriously, I think cars are pulling to the side of the road even.  You sound like a firetruck.  So back in I go.  I'm okay with this.  It's temporary and I'm going to miss our time together when you don't need me anymore.

You have a special bond with your Grandpa.  It's funny, he's the one that was adamant about not having a silly grandpa nickname and you and Molly both gave him one.  You call him Pop Paw.  I have no idea how to spell it but that's what it sounds like.  The minute you see Grandma you ask where Pop Paw is.  It drives her crazy and Pop Paw loves it!  Today you were fighting back tears when he left.  You just kept grabbing his leg and hugging him.  I think he just about decided to scrap the rest of the plans he had for the day.
You and your Pop Paw
Hanging with Grandma at the state fair

If I've been out and you hear me come in the door you run just as fast as your little legs will carry you to greet me at the door with a giant hug.  I seriously melt every single time.  You do the same for Daddy and Grandma and Pop Paw.  There's just nothing like the unconditional love and pure excitement you have for the people you care about the most!

I wish I could just follow you around with a camera all day long and just video everything you do for one day because I don't want to forget any of it.  Time is flying and in a minute you're going to be off to school and I am going to be heartbroken.  I dread the day I don't have my little sidekick by me all day long.

Here's a look at you over the past year...
First day just the two of us after we dropped Ty
off at preschool.

those eyes

you love sleeping on Daddy

... and playing with panty liners.  

You've really started getting into looking at books
Probably your most favorite book
you're a climber

look out for that dinosaur!

cleanliness is not your forte.

always there to help mommy sew!

hay ride!

Your best buddy Maddox

Sometimes Mommy needs a model and
you just happen to be the right size.

needed a snack... and a broom


you LOVE bubbles!

Lunch at school with big brother

My favorite costume!

Our family costume

You had some pretty serious hair issues before we got it cut.

Miss Tori to the rescue!
"helping" Mommy clean the car

What I do all day

You love hanging out with your cousins

And you love Monkey Joes!

New Years Eve!

Yep... Mommy does this every chance she gets

You were a blast at Christmas!

You have started feeding your toys. 

And drawing on the walls.  Your first mural.

still messy.

First trip to the dentist

Facetime with Maddox

Your favorite Christmas present

helping Daddy in the kitchen

Chillin' out

With Great Grandma

Taking Ty for a ride

Ready to join the army

Not getting any better with your yogurt

Easter 2016

There are no words to describe my love for you but suffice it to say, you bring so much joy and happiness to our family.  We all love you so much Knox!  Happy 2nd (and 3 months) birthday!!!