Friday, October 15, 2010

Zoo Trip

James is one of the boys in Baby Jam. He turned one on Thursday and we got to spend the afternoon with him and his mom, Sarah (yes, another Sarah) at the zoo. It was probably the most perfect weather we could have had. We had SO much fun!!!

James waiting for his carousel ride... seemed like a good idea... and then he got on!

Turns out James is no longer a fan of carousels but his momma is a trooper so she hopped right up on that horse and held him

Case on the other hand liked the carousel once it started moving... as with everything else he's not a fan of being stationary!

I've never noticed the crazy teeth that llamas have but this was seriously so funny to me!

James and Sarah checking out a goat

Case telling the goats "No, No!" He doesn't actually say it but every time he sees an animal he starts waving his finger. This started because Grandma taught him "No, no doggy!" So I'm pretty sure Case thinks everything on four legs is a dog! If you look closely you'll see his little finger just a waving in each of these shots!

After he felt as though he had sufficiently told each of the goats "No, no!" he just enjoyed walking around. If only we had a cage like this at home!

Happy Birthday James!!!!

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