Friday, October 29, 2010

Ultrasound Pictures

Sorry these took so long.  Something about the idea of using the scanner wears me out.  Here are the pics of Baby Boy Johnston, along with proof that he is in fact a boy.  His heart rate was 150, which I think it has been pretty consistently so far.  He was measuring about 3 days ahead.  I LOVE when baby measures ahead.  I guess it makes me feel like baby is growing perfectly or something!  I praise God for these glimpses into my belly so I can check on this little boy every now and then:-)

I'm not really sure what we're looking at here but apparently that little point  (sorry baby) is proof that he is a he!


1 comment:

Brandi said...

Great have a great photographer!! hahaha! And that's the scrotum and "tallywhacker" your looking at in that pic above!