Sunday, October 3, 2010

Case's First Masterpiece

The Masterpiece

The Aftermath

The Story Behind the Masterpiece

Every Thursday morning I take Case to story time at the library. We've been going for a couple months now and every time it has been just that, a story along with some songs and playtime. On this particular Thursday I had plans for the afternoon and Case was going to stay with Grandpa. Of course my plans required me to dress up, well maybe "dress up" isn't the right choice of words but my ensemble needed to consist of something other than sweats and a tee-shirt so I call that dressing up.

Story time started like any other Thursday with a story and some songs; however when that was done the leader says "Now we're going to fingerprint with pudding!" I thought, "Well of course we are!" It sounded like so much fun though that the thought of a messy outfit didn't even concern me. I put a spoonful of pudding on Case's paper and he immediately opened his hand and tried to pick up a handful followed by opening it to shove as much as he could in his mouth. Who needs a spoon?!?! The only "painting" this kid did is when his hand would swipe the paper as he tried to get another handful of pudding to shove in his mouth.

All I can say is if this is any indication of how his first birthday is going to go... someone get the bathtub ready!

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