Sunday, October 3, 2010

Case Has An Announcement

The announcement...

Yes, Case's parents are quite possible crazy because before Case even had a tooth in his mouth, before he was walking, before he was 8 months old, we were pregnant again!

Case's little brother or sister is due on March 22nd. After a scare with some spotting at week 9, I had my first ultrasound. The baby looked great and there were no concerns. The bleeding stopped and that was the last I saw of it. I praise God for that!!! I had my regularly scheduled ultrasound and doctor visit on 8/28/10 and again baby looked great! We've had one other doctor visit since then and we only listened to the baby with the doppler at that appointment.

After discussing our delivery options with the doctor, it looks like we might end up with another c-section. I'd really like to attempt labor again but the risks outweigh the advantages at this point. No definitive decisions have been made because we still have plenty of time.

I've always tried to tell Wayne we were pregnant in some fun way. The first time I came down the stairs crying so that wasn't such a fun way but after that loss I really wanted to be pregnant. When I found out I was pregnant with the twins I took a picture of the positive test. I had been to my work party the night before and had taken a lot of pictures. Wayne graciuosly agreed to look at them and the very last picture was of the test. He caught on right away and was thrilled. When I found out I was pregnant with Case it was just a couple days after Wayne had been baptized at church. I was so proud of him, well really of God and all that God had accomplished in Wayne so I wrote him a nice note. I explained how blessed I was to witness the changes in his life and how I wished that his boys (Joshua and Caleb) could have been there to see their Daddy. I ended with the fact that I was so happy that at least their little brother or sister got to be a part of it. Again... another very thrilled Wayne!!!

So this time I knew before I even had taken the test because I was sick right away. I waited a few days to test and didn't say a word to him until it was confirmed. The night I got the positive test we were doing a Bible Study and I told him I would close us in prayer. At the end of my prayers I prayed for blessings over Case's little brother or sister growing inside me. My husband never lets me down with his reactions :-)

We are thrilled that God has given us this gift and we know that He is in complete control of everything that happens. Case will be 17 months old when another little one joins our family, Lord willing. I'm scared. I'm scared that I will have this baby and I'm scared that I could lose this baby... let me explain. Pregnancy is fragile and God could decided to take this baby home at any moment. That scares me. At the same time I have no idea how to handle two little ones at once and that also scares me but the weight of the blessings of our situation far outweigh the fears!!!

Here are some pics of our little bean...

As always, we appreciate any prayers you make on our behalf!!!

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