Saturday, October 9, 2010

Baby Jam Birthday Bash

Case has taken preparing for his birthday cake very seriously. He had a practice session on Saturday at our Baby Jam Birthday Bash. We got all the babies, mommies, and daddies (that could come) together to celebrate the babies' first birthdays. Their days are all so close together that we knew going to individual parties would pretty much fill our weekends for about two months straight so we thought bringing everyone together for one big celebration would be fun. What's more entertaining than seeing 8 babies all lined up waiting for their cupcakes?

It was fun to see all the babies and their different reactions to their cupcakes. Case, along with several of the others, didn't disappoint. He was all over that cupcake once he dug in...

Thanking God for the gift of this cupcake!

Here's a shot of all the mommies and babies that could come to the party...

These ladies are crucial to my sanity. It was no accident that God brought them into my life. I look forward to our Wednesdays together where I can USUALLY hear that no my son isn't completely off his rocker and whatever weirdness he's started the other babies are doing too:-)

We love when we can get all the daddies together too... we're just sure that one of these times they are going to start to love Baby Jam as much as we do:-)

Liam's mommy, Sarah (isn't that how you're always known, so and so's mom, once you're a parent:-), made the cutestet cupcake toppers for each of the babies. She's probably one of the craftiest people I know. I love that she thinks of something and just tries it. From what I've seen it always works! She even has her own Etsy Store, Aspire To Be. You should check it out and if you ever want something custom made she's the one to ask! Thanks for the super cute cupcake toppers Sarah!

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