Saturday, October 23, 2010


So I'm a very "got it together mom"... stop laughing... Okay fine I WISH I was a "got it together mom"! My husband would probably like to refer to me as being a controlling mom but I think that sounds negative so I will always find another name for it. I really do try to think of everything but I fail at least a hundred times each day. I thought I would share my most recent failure as a mom because, although it might involve stunted foot growth, no one was seriously injured.

For the past several weeks since the weather has gotten colder I have had to do something that I dreaded... put shoes on Case. He just seemed so steady in those bare or socked feet that I hated to put shoes on him because I would afraid he would have to learn to walk all over again. Good thing he adapted pretty quick and they didn't slow him down one bit. So he's been wearing a pair of hand me down Nikes in a size 4.5m. They are cute but I hated them from the get go because they had to be tied. Who ties shoes on a baby... I can barely get him to sit still long enough to get his foot in them by the time it comes to tying them he's usually in some form of a headlock nearly upside down on my lap or sort of on my lap.

I decided it was time for some Velcro... love the man that invited that!!!!!!!! I took him to Stride Rite because clearly they know all there is to know about baby feet or at the very least they have a VERY good marketing department. I went in with every intention to get him measured but NO intention to buy because those shoes are INSANE! Seriously it is VERY VERY rare that I would pay $50 for my own shoes that I might actually wear for more than a hot minute. So I was going to take the shoe size they gave me, which was a 5.5 EXTRA wide (poor kid is already in husky shoes) and march to the nearest Payless to buy him some; however we stopped at Children's Place and after trying two pairs of pants on him and subsequently two meltdowns, plus a power outage we went home. On my way to Payless the next day mom called and lectured me on how important shoes are at this age and... blah blah blah:-). She said she'd be leaving work soon and meet us at Stride Rite. That's her prerogative right? You must respect your elders and let them buy your child shoes if they insist on it.

So we went to Stride Rite with Grandma and they measured him again apparently a lot of growing can take place in 24 hours because now his foot was a 6 wide (way to slim out those feet little man). Whatever... maybe they aren't so accurate in their sizing... kudos to their marketing department. When we left there Case had the cutest little tennis shoes and a pair of dressier shoes both with Velcro! A huge thanks to Grandma!!!!

Case's new shoes

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