Thursday, October 28, 2010

Baby Jam Costume Party

Ya'll know I love my Baby Jam friends! We still get together every week. I think it has been SO good for Case socially, because let's face it, his Daddy's a little challenged in the social arena. Case lights up when he sees the other babies and is the same way when he sees kids are the grocery store or when we are out and about. I think he might be more social than Wayne and I both. He hates to be at home all day so I usually have to find some excuse to get out of the house, which usually ends in spending money that we don't have at Meijer (my second home).

Yesterday Case had a blast with the other babies at our Baby Jam Costume Party. The kids were all SO cute!!! The weather was perfect and Sara has a great backyard so the kids got to play outside in the leaves for a while. It was great!!!

Case's buddy Liam checking Case's costume out

Yep, this is one VERY unhappy Elmo at the moment

I totally picture this conversation involving James explaining to Case that this wasn't a costume party.

Case's hood fell over his face and it was hysterical.  Good thing Sara was there to help him because his mommy couldn't stop laughing and taking pictures!

Case loved the slide and wouldn't move for Allison to go down!

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