Friday, February 25, 2011

What's Case Been Up To?

Aunt Kay Kay (my mom's sister) and I took Case to the Children's Museum on 2/18/11.  We had so much fun!  I love watching him interact with other kids and have the freedom to run and play with so much space!  There was a brief moment of "overprotective momma" that tried to come out for a minute after a little boy ran into Case accidentally knocking him into a little girl, who turned around in a VERY mean voice and yelled stop at Case.  She was probably even school age.  Although I wanted to knock the attitude out of her, I decided it might be more prudent, and probably end with less jail time, if I just calmly explained to her that he didn't mean to.  I think this was my first glimpse of the whole "mama bear" mentality. 

Meeting Diego for the first time...
he has no idea who this is!

Case and Aunt Kay Kay on the Carousel

I finally decided it was only fair for Case to have his very own cabinet to play in.  I moved all the glass out and let him go to town.  It has now become one of those cabinets where you "toss and slam".  You know the ones... well at least I hope you do... everything is going to fall out so you have to open, toss in whatever needs to be put away, and shut it as quickly as possible before the entire contents end up on your kitchen floor.

Wayne, Uncle Ben (my brother), and I took Case to the Boat, Sport, & Travel Show at the fairgrounds on 2/19/11.  This is something my brother and I grew up going to with our parents.  I LOVED it.  I always came home with a bag full of brochures and pamphlets (is there a difference?) to play with.  I also have great memories of playing on the big yachts they had set up, well all except the one time where I got stuck in one of the bathrooms.  I guess it's a sign of how the economy has changed but they don't have those big boats anymore so Case had to just settle for a big pontoon boat to play on.  He did have fun checking out all the campers though!

Someone tell me who this kid is... he's getting his haircut and NOT screaming!  Let's just say his second haircut went MUCH smoother than his first.  I was shocked at how well he did this time!  His hair still stands straight up out of the back of his head and she said it will until it gets thicker.  She also got a kick out of the 4 cowlicks he has.  Two in the front and two right on top.  I think his hair is just going to have to either be REALLY long or REALLY short!

I think he was leaning forward to pick up speed :)

After such a successful haircut we thought ice cream was in order!  We went next door to Cold Stone Creamery (DELICIOUS) and shared some ice cream.  He was a fan!!!

I think this might be the only thing he has successfully fed

Grandma and Grandpa had been on a Caribbean cruise for 11 days and Case was very excited to pick them up on 2/20/11.  I think he was also a fan of staying up late to go to the airport!
Checking out the baggage claim

He loved having so much space to run!

Riding up...

And down the escalator with Daddy.

Holding his sign for Grandma and Grandpa

Watching for Grandma on the escalator

SEEING Grandma on the escalator... SO SWEET!!!!

He was thrilled that they were home!

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