Monday, February 21, 2011

The Nursery... Done!

The nursery is finally done with only a few little details left to take care of.  For the most part I like it but there are a few things I wish we had done differently.  I wish that we had painted the light blue wall green but Wayne almost fell over when I suggested repainting it so I think I'll stick with the light blue :-)  I also should have left the light switch covers to him because he has some artistic ability and I don't.  There's no way to make the room bigger so I have to let that one go too.  Beyond that I'm  happy with it.  So here is the next installment of nursery pictures.  

We got a pretty good deal on a crib and changing table at Target.  I'm pretty happy with both although you can definitely tell a difference between the quality of Case's crib and Ty's crib (let's hope they can't).  Wayne said as we left Target with our impressive savings, "Do you think it is bad that we just bought a crib and changing table for Ty for less than Case's crib alone cost?"  Poor "second kid" syndrome started before he was even here!

Daddy couldn't have put it together without
his trusty sidekick!

I love this picture!

"Here Daddy, I'll hold it in place for you!"

almost done with the crib

I'm thinking about trying to see if there is a
way to cover those cubes for this shelf
so that they actually match.  We'll see.

We don't have room for a dresser so we decided to go this
route.  We'll see how it goes.
I'm glad to be mostly done with the nursery.  It makes me feel a little bit more prepared.  There are a few more decorations I'd like to get for the wall still but we are pretty close!  I guess now we just wait for Ty to arrive so that we can figure out what else we're missing.  


Tracey Creason said...

It is so cute! Can't wait to see it in person.

S. Garrison said...

i think it looks great! It is so much more creative than ours - we didn't even repaint!