Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Iced In

Over the last 48 hours we've gotten almost 2 inches of ice.  The thought of walking out of my house scares me to death because I'm pretty unstable when there's no ice so I'm sure I'd be on my tushy before I ever made it to my car leaving my fear of driving in this a non-issue; however I've loved every moment of being stuck inside!  

Round 1 of the storm...
Wayne's attempt at getting the ice off during Round 1 of the storm

Round 2

He got smart after cleaning it off twice during round 1 and
this time used a tarp!
Wayne's office was actually closed yesterday and today and we have LOVED having him at home!  It's been so much fun to be stuck in the house together!!!  Case LOVES having Daddy home; however he doesn't begin to understand why he can't go outside with Daddy when he goes out to "work" (you and I both know he's playing out there) on the ice.  
What do you mean you didn't get these boots
out for me to wear outside with you?!?!
There were a few tense moments yesterday when our power started to flicker.  Thanks to Wayne's Dad and Step-mom we were prepared with our firewood so that made me feel a little better!  We had no sooner put Case down for bed when the power went out and stayed out.  That meant Case's nightlight also went out and I guess that's what freaked him out because he started screaming.  Flashlights in hand we brought him and a bunch of blankets downstairs.  Wayne got a fire going (with Case's help of course) and then Case and I enjoyed about 30 minutes of cuddle time in the recliner.  Case's eyes were open the whole time as he couldn't take them off the fire.  This is the first fire we've had in our fireplace since he was born.  
I know these are blurry but it was just that dark!
Case LOVES to "help" Daddy!

After we got the pack-n-play all set up and I recovered from the sheer panic of not having power it came back on.  We really thought we were in for a long night but it was only out for about 45 minutes.  At the end of the power outage the lights came back on and with the lights came Case's second wind!  No more snuggling with Mommy!  He was bouncing around the house!  It took some time but I got to rock him back to sleep in our rocker in his room.  I haven't gotten to actually put him to sleep in a VERY long time and I LOVED every minute of it!  Afterwards I walked downstairs to Wayne and all I could say was "I still got it!"  Then I thought "Good thing!" because you're going to need it in about 6 weeks!  
Case loved having extra Daddy time!!!  Yes, this is a Christmas
book that Daddy is reading... Case can't get enough of it!

Case and Bob the Dog.  Case has had these jammies on for almost
48 hours now... might be time for a bath and new jammies tonight!


Sara said...

Glad your power came back on - it sounds like you made the best of it. I shoveled three times today and I am sooooo ready for this ice to be gone.

Anonymous said...

That is the cutest, sweetest looking baby I have ever seen.