Thursday, December 16, 2010

Praying for The Harrison's

My heart is breaking for a family that I don't even know.  It's breaking for a Mommy and Daddy who lost their baby girl.  It's breaking for the little girl that lost her twin sister.  It's breaking for the difficult journey of healing that is ahead of them.  It's breaking because it's my understanding that this isn't their first loss.  They lost another child shortly after birth from what I can piece together via other blogs linked from theirs.

I PRAISE God that it sounds like this family knows Him well and is growing closer rather than farther from Him.  I praise God for the courage that this mom is showing.  I praise God that already they are seeing blessings coming in from every direction.  I ask that you would join me in praying for The Harrison's.  They had 20 month old twin girls, Evie and Ramsey, until the morning of 12/9/10 when Evie just didn't wake up.  According to one of their fellow bloggers it sounds like the autopsy showed that she had Meningitis.  All I know is that regardless of what took this precious little girl, I know this family is living with a hole that will never again be filled.  I can't imagine the pain that they are feeling.  I don't know or understand how one recovers from such a tragedy.   I don't understand why things like this happen and I don't understand why tragedy is allowed to strike one family more than once.  I do know that NOTHING happens without God allowing it and I also know that He is the ONLY way through it.  I just pray that this family will feel God's supernatural healing power surrounding them and that He will provide them with the comfort that only He can.  Please join me in praying for this family!

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Sara said...

I just went and read their blog and cried many tears. What a sad story, and I keep thinking about Ramsey missing her twin. As a Mom and a twin it just makes me sad. I will join you in praying for this family.