Friday, December 17, 2010

Things I Love About Case

  1. I love how Case picks up a totally inanimate object, which is sitting in the place where I keep it, and brings it to me almost to say, "Look Momma, I got the curling iron you wanted off of your shelf in the bathroom for you because I know you need it when you do the laundry!"  The proud look on his face makes me giggle every time and I all I can say is "Thank you baby!" and then go put it back where it belongs.
  2. I love how Case does this tensing up thing just because it makes me laugh, and that my laughing makes him laugh!
  3. I love how Case gets excited for me to put his shoes on just because he likes the sound they make on the kitchen floor.  He'll run to the kitchen and start running in place... we call it his "Happy Feet".  It's very cute... I need to capture this on video!
  4. I love how Case finds a pair of our shoes in the living room and picks them up with a sigh and then takes them over to the gate and drops them on the other side by the front door like he's told us a million times not to leave our shoes in the living room.
  5. I love how Case sees me sit down on the floor with something to eat and he starts dancing/running in place in front of me because he can barely contain his excitement knowing that he's about to get a bite of something.  
  6. I love how Case's paci makes this squeaky sound when he first sees me in the morning because he's smiling and trying to keep it in his mouth at the same time.  He is SO happy in the morning!
  7. I love how Case's kisses, when he's willing to share them, consist of his mouth being WIDE open and usually leave a ring of slobber around mine.  Nothing like a good wet Case kiss!
  8. I love how Case immediately stops when he hears music so that he can "dance," although it looks more like he's directing an orchestra.  So cute!!!
  9. I love how Case hates it when I'm sitting at the computer.  He has started bringing me books and crawling up in my lap so I'll read to him and not pay attention to the computer.  I'm a sucker for my little boy wanting Mommy to read to him so he always gets his way in this situation!
  10. I love how Case goes through the downstairs gate (when I leave it open for him) and heads directly for the Wallflower (plug in air freshener).  He walks up to it and gets as close as he possible can without touching it.  He'll point to it, with his little finger as close as it can possible get and then make one of his funny sounds and look back at me.  He knows he's not supposed to touch it so he just gets as close as possible without breaking the rules.  Oh so much of Mommy and Daddy in that little boy!!!
  11. I love how Case makes a beeline for the refrigerator anytime it is open so that he can pull each of the salad dressings out and then stack them on the inside ledge and then throw them down and then stand on them and so forth... no putting them back is not part of his routine!  
  12. I'm pretty sure I could go on and on about all of the things I love about Case but I'm going to stop here for today.  Suffice it to say that I feel incredibly blessed that God has chosen me to be this little boy's momma!  Somehow my love for him grows more and more every single day!

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Summer said...

That second video of Case made me cry from laughing so hard! Too cute!