Thursday, December 23, 2010

Yep, He's Mine!

So it turns out that Case probably has more of my genetic make up than we first thought.  I've mentioned before how he loves to go into his room to pick out a book and bring it to anyone sitting at the computer because all attention should be on him at all times.  Well yesterday I was in the laundry room, Wayne was at the computer (let's hold him responsible for this injury:-), and Case was in his room (right beside the computer) looking at books until he found just the right one to take to Daddy.  He grabbed the book and took off full-speed out of his room only to be stopped in his tracks by his head meeting the door jamb.  He started screaming immediately and of course both of us were in his room in about 1 second.  By the time I got there, again this was only about 1 second after it happened, he already had a bruise and a huge knot right in the middle of his forehead.  I gave him a paci and we sat in the rocking chair.  He calmed down faster than usual.  I couldn't figure out how this kid wasn't screaming in pain for a long time.  My only thought was he must be delirious (reminder: I'm pregnant and irrational).  I called the doctor because I thought for sure they would want to see him.  They said (in that "calm down you crazy mother" voice) "you did the right thing by calling but if he's acting normal and doesn't seem to have any vision issues (other than the one where he ran smack into the door jamb?) then he's fine.  Just keep an eye on him and you only need to worry if he starts complaining of a headache (because you know he's so verbal that he'd be sure and tell me if he had one), or if it seems like he's having trouble seeing.  Case has been totally fine since about 2 minutes after the collision but I have to share pictures of what he looked like yesterday with you.

I'm sure these pictures aren't going to do the 3-dimensionalism (is that a word... spell check says NO) of this goose egg  justice but hopefully you'll get the idea

 Do you see it sticking out???  Wayne said he looked like a Klingon or whoever those people with the weird foreheads on Star Trek are.

We can discuss his hair issues later... for now let's focus on that forehead!

It's so big it has a shadow!!!  Are you seeing this people?!?!

In case you were worried, the door jamb is fine, at least for now... I'm sure this isn't the last run in those two will have!  Today Case looks much better.  The swelling has gone down quite a bit but there is still a nice bruise left behind, which I'm sure will look beautiful surrounded by all the red and green in the Christmas pictures!  The good news is that if the doctor's ripping him out of my stomach wasn't confirmation enough that he is in fact my son, I think this is!

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