Thursday, December 30, 2010

Case's Library

I was a second grade teacher before accepting my current job of mom/housewife/secratary.  With teaching comes a LOT of stuff that you buy on your own (turns out schools don't give teachers tons of money to help teach their students).  You can ask our garage, my brother's barn, and my parent's basement if you don't believe that with teaching comes a lot of stuff!  As a teacher one of the things I invested a LOT of money into was books.  There isn't much more important than honing reading skills in second grade.  Now that I've traded my 27ish students in for my one favorite student you can imagine that he has a lot of books to pick from.  Now most of my classroom books are still boxed up so that they are in one piece when it comes time for Case to start reading on his own but I kept the board books and some of my favorites out for him.  The point is that between my library and all the people that have gifted us books, Case has a bunch!

In the last couple months he has really started to enjoy us reading to him.  This might stem from Daddy reading him a story before bed each night, or maybe it's genetic and he gets it from his daddy's love of reading (pretty sure he didn't get it from me).  Whatever caused it, it caught on and I love it!  Case must bring me at least 30 books a day.  He'll pick out just the book he wants and if I'm sitting on the floor he'll hand it to me then turn around and back up into my lap.  He loves to turn the pages but I'm really impressed that he listens to most of the books beginning to end, minus a few that he gets bored with.

Here's a look at ONE of today's reading marathons (this wasn't the first one today and it won't be the last).

Picking out just the right book

I can tell you Tootle was NOT it... that one's WAY too long for him to sit through!  I'm pretty sure it should have been made into a chapter book!

The books we read at this sitting:-)

I love that he loves being read to.  I love that time with him and I love that there's so much he can learn from (good) books.  I hope that he continues to enjoy books as he gets older!!!

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