Wednesday, February 25, 2009

New Job

I guess all those interviews paid off.  I interviewed at this location about 4 times before something worked out.  The funny part is that I interviewed in all different departments but the people were great and just kept passing my resume to the next department until they found a "fit" for least I pray it's a fit!  

It is currently day number two on the  job.  I am working as an "internal customer accounts manager" for PRN Pharmacy.  They are a large pharmacy that is part of the Omnicare group.  They supply medication to nursing homes all over Indiana and surrounding states.  My location, PRN is the hub.  

It is a full-time position, which is the negative, but I get to wear scrubs everyday, which is great!  I guess somehow that balances it out for me :-)  The people are great!  They all seem like a lot of fun.  The job is a bit overwhelming, as any new job is, but it is also the first job I've ever had (with the exception of Fashion Bug and Tractor Supply) where there aren't kids everywhere.  I definitely have a LOT to learn but I'm looking forward to the challenge.  I just keep praying for the wisdom to do the job in a manner that ultimately brings glory to God.  

Thanks for all the prayers for my job search!!!  

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julie said...

I know the actual founder of PRN...we went to high school together. He sold it several years ago and made millions. At least you are close to home. I hope it goes well and will pray that it is where you should be right now.