Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A New Job and an Unexpected Surprise!

As you've read in previous posts, I continue to pray for children and today He answered.  I'm on day two of my new job and was due to start my period today.  Now my period, since I've been charting it, has been every 27 days like clockwork.  Well today it didn't come.  I thought it was strange but with all the changes my body has been through the last few months I thought perhaps it was just another thing about me that was changing.  This evening when I got home from work at 4:45 I thought I better take a test.  I took one...then another about 20 minutes later...yes the fact that I was able to pee on cue only 20 minutes apart should have been my first clue :-)  Here's a pic of the results...
Next I had to decide how to tell Wayne.  He was getting close to home and I wanted to be creative but I didn't have much time.  Since he was just batized on Sunday, I wanted to give him a card to tell him how blessed I was to be there to see him make his public declaration.  On the "p.s." part I put "I'm sorry the boys couldn't be there to see their daddy be baptized but I'm glad their little brother or sister was".  I did my best to secretly video tape him reading this note and here is what I got...

So apparently hidden video's aren't in my future but you get the idea.  

We went out to dinner with my parents tonight.  They called and asked us if we wanted to meet them right after we found out.  I talked myself in and out of telling them about 20 times on the way there.  Luckily we had plenty to talk about with my new job so I was able to keep it a secret.  I want to go to the doctor and make sure everything is ok before I tell them.  As for telling everyone else...We'll call them when they can hear the baby crying in the background:-)

Thanks to everyone who has been praying for us!  God has given us so many blessings.  While there is a part of me that is a little nervous that something might go wrong, I fully trust Him.  He knows better than I what is best.  So I will continue to pray for a healthy baby (or two) and for contentment no matter how this chapter ends.  

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