Sunday, March 1, 2009

Chocolate Milk and a Pickle

I don't remember being so hungry with the last two pregnancies.  I feel like I'm starving this time around.  I'm craving lots of snacky type food...probably not the wisest of choices when you're pregnant.  This morning before we headed to church I knew I needed to eat something because even when I'm not pregnant the pastor has to stop his sermon each time my stomach starts talking, reminding me that I haven't eaten.  Isn't that always the case...your stomach only seems to growl really loud when everything gets quiet and there are tons of people around.  I find a good cough when it starts tends to cover it up :-)  

Anyway, so this morning before we left I hit the fridge.  What did I want?  What did I want?  Well I can tell you what I ended up eating was a pickle and a glass of chocolate milk.  Then on the way to church I had a handful of garlic pretzels.  Yes, I most likely smelled just lovely during the service!  Don't worry I ate a piece of gum when I got there so hopefully that masked my morning choices.  I guess you could say that is a weird craving.  The combination of foods I keep choosing seem to be weirder than than the foods I guess.  

This pregnancy has still not sunk in yet, minus the pickles and chocolate milk.  I am having trouble accepting that this is really happening.  Dr. Fenoughty called me yesterday to tell me that my HCG levels looked great.  I was really appreciative that she actually called herself.  My HCG on the 2/25/09 was 481 and on 2/27/09 it was 1428.  She said that was great.  They tested my progesterone on 2/25/09 too and it was good at 29.1.  I don't know why I had gotten such a low progesterone when they checked to make sure I was ovulating but I was really glad to see it back up.   She wants me to go for my first ultrasound in two weeks.  I gotta tell you, I really wish there was a fast forward button, at least to get me through the first half of this pregnancy.  

I'm working really hard to leave this in God's hands but I'm not going to say that I don't find myself worrying every once in a while.  Sometimes I go to the bathroom just to make sure there is no bleeding, like I think I could lose this baby at any minute.  It is going to be a battle for me but I know God will pull me through it.  He always does.  I know that He is in control of everything that happens and I trust Him.  

It has been really hard not to share this with my parents.  I really want to tell my mom but we decided we would wait until we got through that first ultrasound before we do.  Besides that, she left for a 14 day cruise today with my dad and two of their friends, one of which just happens to be my boss' boss at work.  I thought it might not be so good to make her have to keep that secret for 14 days.  We'll just say we're doing it for her benefit:-)  As for telling anyone else, we aren't in any hurry.  There are a few girls I want to tell from the message boards but I'm finding it difficult to even tell them.  I just want to give us some time before we let anyone else in on it.  

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