Tuesday, February 3, 2009


That's really all I can say about the HSG test.  It certainly wasn't my favorite Tuesday morning!  So for all you ladies that are wondering about it keep reading...for all of you that don't like details, you should stop here:-)

First of all the radiology room they put me in didn't have stirrups...now surely you can see why this might be a problem.  So here they expect me to be on the edge of the table (you know the drill scoot down...a little more...a little more) and somehow I must manage to keep my heels on the table holding my legs in place.  Now you can imagine how hard this is.  We aren't talking holding this position for a minute or two.  I'm talking holding it for about 20 minutes or so...if felt like an hour.  This doctor kept telling me to relax my legs and I'm thinking how in the world do you suggest that I relax my legs while trying to keep them on the table???  Besides that this was one of those metal tables so it's not like there was traction or anything.  The doctor mentioned that it was probably difficult to stay in the position with socks on...uh...yeah!  It would be more difficult without because my socks were acting as my make shift stirrups!  Yes, that's right, I was holding the opening of my socks to keep my heels on the table, while relaxing my legs at the sametime.  Seriously...how much could stirrups possible put them out?!?!?  It might be time to invest in some.  

Beyond that, the test wasn't terrible.  It was uncomfortable at times...he obviously wasn't a GYN so there were a few painful moments.  I never really felt too much cramping.  I know some women report a lot of cramping.  I was really fine...perhaps I was just distracted by my numb hands holidng onto my socks for dear life and completely relaxed legs :-)  

The doctor told me that my tubes looked clear but he would look closer at the films and send the report to my doctor.  I guess I will hear from them sometime this week.  I'm praying there is nothing to report.  

If you have questions about this test feel free to email me at bjjohnsto@gmail.com.  I didn't figure it was appropriate to go into too much detail.  Just know that it wasn't too bad.  Sorry if I shared too much information!


Brandi said...

HA!! your too funny!! I used to assist the Radiologist during those exams when I was at the hospital as an xray tech. Your right...there are no stirrups and it is soooo uncomfortable!! Unfortunately, they don't make stirrups for that table. I'm glad you didn't cramp, most women cramp really bad! They told us in xray school that you increase your chances of getting pregnant by 60% after this test b/c it also "cleans" out your tubes, so hopefully I'll be seeing you in a few months!!!! Have a good one!

Bev Johnston said...

I'm liking those odds Brandi! Thanks for the info!

Summer & Brandon said...

Note to self...find a place online to buy portable stirrups. I can just see me know falling right off the table while trying to balance myself. I'm glad there was no cramping and I really hope this is your month! Have you started testing yet? :)

BTW- thanks for being there for me during my nervous breakdown today! I was freaking out and I'm not really sure why. It's the first time I've felt like that in a while. Anyway, you were awesome and I really appreciated it!