Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Boys' Headstone

While this was not something I would have ever thought I would be posting about, here it is...

We started "shopping" for a headstone for the boys in October.  If you've never shopped for one, I can think of much better ways to spend an afternoon.  We looked at a local place in Lebanon but their pricing was outrageous to say the least and after they called and raised the price on us twice we were done with them.  I started looking on the internet and low and behold it is really can buy anything on the internet!  We ended up purchasing the boys stone from West Memorials.  They make some really neat headstones and the prices are very reasonable.  The shipping is free...that was my biggest concern because I can only imagine how much that could cost.  I will say that their responses in email are slow to non-existent but you can always reach them by phone.  Other than that we were really happy with them.  We had the headstone delivered to my brother's shop, Moss Glass in Anderson, Indiana (let me know if you ever need stained glass or commercial or residential windows...I know a guy...plug, plug).  We knew that way there would be plenty of guys to help lift it off the truck.  Thanks to Ben for letting us have it delivered there and to all the guys that helped move it off the truck!  It was delievered about two weeks after it was ordered and that was in the midst of Thanksgiving.  I was really impressed at how quickly they got it there.  

It is laying on some crates here but it has a base that it will stand up on once we get it installed.  

The downside or upside, depending on how you look at it, is that since we didn't go with the local company we are on our own as far as laying the foundation for it.  I LOVE that Wayne and probably my brother, my dad, his dad, and his step-dad, will be putting the foundation in.  They are the same people that dug the grave.  There is something very special about the loved ones doing that.  We won't be able to actually install it until the ground isn't frozen so it will be a while.  I'm just grateful that we have the headstone and we will get it put out there as soon as we can.  

I have to thank SEVERAL people that made the headstone possible.  My parents, Wayne's Dad and step-mom, his mom and step-dad, and my bubby and poppy (my dad's parents), are the ONLY reason we were able to get what we really wanted for the boys.  We were so touched and grateful to have so much help!!!  Thanks to all of you!!!  We love you!!!!! 


Summer & Brandon said...

It's beautiful Bev. It will be time to install it very soon as the weather is warming up quickly. I love the new page layout by the way.

Ellie said...

It is a beautiful quote.

I lost my first daughter, but in a foreign country and she was 18 weeks, so before I had woke up, they had thrown her in an incinerator with the garbage.

I never held her. But God is.

Derek and Rebecca Loewen said...

Thank you for sharing this with us. It is so precious and I am going to use that quote! What a sweet thought!