Saturday, November 26, 2011

Ty - 8 Months!

Dear Ty,
You are now 8 months old.  We are getting dangerously close to the one year mark!  The time with you seems to be way faster than it did with Case.  This makes me sad because I don't feel like I always get to just sit and enjoy everything with you.  

I can't believe how much you've changed just in the last couple of months.  One thing that has stayed the same is your smile that can melt a room.  You have the sweetest eyes and when you smile they are even sweeter.  My heart just wants to burst when you look at me with your bright smile!  

Here's a look at you over the last 4 weeks...


Sleep is SLOWLY getting better.  You are still waking up at least once in the wee hours of the morning.  I usually, ok ok, I always give in and feed you.  It is usually around 5 am that you eat but you'll go back to sleep most of the time.  Then you are usually up for good between 6:30 and 7.  The good news is you wake up happy to play in your crib so I usually don't go in to get you until 7 at the earliest.  You like to take a morning nap and a good long afternoon nap, which I can  usually time so that you and Case nap at the same time and I get a little break... you know just to sit around watch tv and eat bon bons (I wish... I sort of wish I even knew what bon bons are).  


So here you are 8 months old and you still have not increased your bottles past 6 ounces.  I can't help but be grateful for the money we're saving on formula but not before I worry about you getting enough to eat.  I feed you food three times a day and you will eat anywhere from zero to two containers.  Many times you find it most fun to spit your food leaving both of us with a lovely splatter print on our clothes.  Sometimes it is a lovely shade of green and other times it's a beautiful fallish orange color.  SO FUN!  I've even given you some yogurt melts and mum mums neither of which can I decide whether you like or not.  Turns out you aren't the world's greatest eater but you wouldn't know that by looking at the size of your thighs... which I LOVE by the way!  
I think you were a little unsure of the texture

Clothes:  Well this is a tricky subject.  Your brother wore 12 months sized clothes in the wrong season for you. It's getting pretty cold now so I've started going through his 18 month winter clothes.  Your wardrobe is mostly made up of 12-18 month clothes that are almost always too long but not so big around.  Yes, that's right... you are 8 months old and wearing 18 month clothes.  Why?  Because they almost fit and your mommy is WAY too cheap to go out and buy all new 12 months clothes when we have tub after tub of 18 month clothes.  You'll grow into them :-)  Although you might be questioning it right now, mommy does in fact love you just as much as Case!  I PROMISE!!!  I do find it super fun to put you in all of my favorite outfits that Case wore.  Maybe for Christmas we'll get you some of your own clothes.  
My favorite pants of yours... could
you be any cooler?  :-)

Toys: You love to play with anything that Case is playing with so your favorite toys change by the moment.  You like to find tiny particles of things on the floor... luckily you haven't learned to put them in your mouth yet.  You are starting to love stuffed animals.  You always make me giggle when you growl at them but I start to get a little scared when it looks like you might take a bite out of one of their faces.  You also love all the table toys that light up and play music.  You pretty much love anything you can stand up and play with.  

New Things:  This has been another big month for you!  Your bottom middle teeth came through and you have the cutest smile with those sweet little teeth showing.  Your top two middle teeth look like they are going to make a serious grand entrance once they pop through.  They are SO swollen!  

Your tongue is ALWAYS hanging out of your mouth!  This isn't really a new thing but it is something worth documenting.  I wonder if you are going to be one of those people that has to have your tongue sticking out of your mouth in order to accomplish anything (like your Daddy is).

You have started crawling SO fast with your belly off the ground now... you know like normal people crawl.  And even bigger news is that you are pulling up to standing on everything you can get your hands on!  
Yes, those are the stairs that I'm going 
to have to block ASAP!
You will even walk along things some.  I can't believe we are already here!  I'm afraid you're going to be another early walker because, like your brother, you get a little obsessed with holding our index fingers and walking.  

A little static for your already crazy hair :-)

LOVE this Halloween costume! 
Shout out to Andrew for letting
you borrow it!

There it is... that's the look that 
totally melts me!

You were having a hard time falling asleep and
you literally just bent in half and went to sleep.
You're crazy flexible!  

Silly fun with Daddy (he's a tiger and you are normal:-) 

Pretty sure this is Daddy's favorite napping

Did I mention your hair is a little on 
the crazy side?

You are so much fun Ty!  I LOVE every moment that I get to spend with you.  I'm so grateful that God has given me the gift of staying home with you and Case.  You boys (and Daddy) bring so much joy into my life!!!  I love you more than I can explain!


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