Monday, November 28, 2011

Case's Birthday Party

We had so much fun at your 2nd birthday party!  Here's a look at your day...
Muno party bags
We got my parent's playroom done literally the
night before!

New easel for the playroom

Your birthday banner (Grandma got a Cricut Machine
and this was my first project)

Your amazing cake and cupcakes!  You're so lucky to have
a talented cousin because if I was in charge I promise
it wouldn't look like this!

Muno pretzels... again thank your cousin!

The easel was a hit!
I made the whole family participate in your Yo Gabba Gabba theme
It's not Yo Gabba Gabba without a Party in Your Tummy!

Food table
One of the decorations I can use from year to year since your
birthday is on Halloween.  You might be 20 reading this today
and I will bet that this was at your last party:-)
Yo Gabba Gabba decor
gifts table... well soon to be gifts table
seeing everything for the first time
We had soups and probably will every year!  It always goes
so well... wait... can I say "always" when you've only had
2 birthday parties?

Lots of food!

Opening presents

Yes, that's a 5 candle on your cake.  Let's pretend your mom had it together and had candles for your cake or better yet let's pretend that was a number 2 instead of a number 5.  

Yep... you wanted a fork.  You eat everything else with your
hands so I don't know why you wanted a fork for this.
You thought having so many different snacks at your fingertips
was the bees knees!
Daddy and Tybee after your party :-)
at the end of the day you just wanted to play with my old
Barbie car :-)
Thanks for another day full of fun memories!  I love you!

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