Sunday, November 27, 2011

Case is 2!

Dear Case,
The past two years have gone by SO fast.  It sort of takes my breath away when I look back at how quickly the last two years went.  I know that before I know it I'm going to be sitting in a church watching you get married.  I wish there was a slow motion button!

I've watched you grow and learn so much in the last two years.  You amaze me everyday with what you learn and yet somehow I'm pretty sure I've learned even more.  You've taught me to love on a whole new level.  It is so difficult to describe my love for you and Ty.  It's the kind of love that makes me want to laugh and cry all at the same time; the kind of love that makes my heart stop when you get hurt; the kind of love that makes me want to keep you by my side at the grocery store even though I know you're going to be SO fussy just because I hate to be away from you.  

There are SO many things that I love about you!
I love that this is what you do when you are sick

I love that you have to help give Ty a bath

I love that you love to learn

I love your sweet smile

I love that you have to run around the house yelling "I naked"
when you get out of the bath (my apologies to Rody for this one)

I love that you know Daddy needs your help putting things together

I love that you think empty tubs and laundry baskets must be sat in

I love that the first time you saw snow this season you
said, "Messy!  I ceen (clean) up!"

I love that you are SO silly

I love that you always want to be outside

I love that you don't think any of the baby toys are too
small for you

I love that when you hug someone you just lay your head
against them (of course that doesn't work with Mommy:-)

I love that you still fall asleep in the car

I love your sweet innocent face

 I love that this is what you look like
when you first wake up

I love your fashion sense... pretty sure that
came from me :-)

I love that you love your Mommy

I love that you like to share your snacks

I love that you like to read

I love to watch you line your cars up

I love that you have such great friends
I love that you pile your cars on the trashcan,
push the foot step, watch them fly, and yell "Oh nuts!"

I love that you want to be just like Daddy
(washing your hair in the sink)

I LOVE to hear you make Tybee giggle

I love that you aren't scared of anything
Here's a "snapshot" of you at 2...

2 Year Stats
36.5 inches (94th percentile)
30 pounds 4 ounces (77th percentile)

Eating:  You LOVE to snack.  You would prefer to just snack all day long but you're willing to sit at the table too.  You just usually don't eat quite as well.  You love all things sweet.  Fruit snacks are like a drug to you.  You have just discovered the wonderful world of chips and you are a huge fan!  You call Meijer "Cookie" because you can hardly contain your excitement about getting a cookie while we shop.  You like grilled cheese, as long as it isn't too stringy, mac and cheese, chicken, bread, ketchup (that's right... it's a food on its own because you'd eat it with a spoon if I'd let you), green beans, all fruit, rice, noodles, and the list goes on.  All of these foods, with the exception of sweets come with a disclaimer though... if you've had them a lot lately you probably won't eat them again until you've had a break.  It's quite the food cycle you're on!  You drink milk and water.  You love juice but I don't give it to you that often.  

Sleeping:  You are a GREAT sleeper!  You take one good nap each day, usually around 2 and it will last about 2 hours.  You go to bed between 8:30 and 9:00.  Mommy and Daddy aren't strict bedtime enforcer yet.  We will let you stay up as long as you are happy.  You wake up between 7 and 8 each morning.  

Toys:  You LOVE cars!  It is so much fun to watch you drive your cars and even make sounds now.  You are SUCH a little boy.  You also like your Thomas the Train cars.  You enjoy building with blocks, playing on the computer or with your iphone.  When Daddy or I lay on the ground you LOVE to climb on us!  You also love squeezing into toys that are much too small for you, like Ty's exersaucer.

TV:  Sadly this gets its own category... you like Yo Gabba Gabba (your 2nd birthday theme, and your Halloween costume), Curious George, Super Why, Thomas the Train, and this baby show we stream on Netflix that I can't even tell you the name of.  You don't sit and watch whole episodes of anything usually but you like to have it on to watch off and on while you play with your toys.  

New Things:  You've learned to run and jump.  I love that when we get to a curb you won't step off you have to jump and you'll usually say "big jumpin'!"  You amaze me with all that you know and learn each day.  You're vocabulary seems to grow everyday.  You know all the uppercase letters, your colors, most of the single digit numbers, you understand many opposites like in and out, you know most animals too.  I love to watch you learn!  You enjoy painting more than coloring.  You love playdough.  

You go to Andrew's house for school once a week and Andrew comes to our house for school once a week.  I think you both have learned so much from each other!  

You are getting your 2 year molars.  None have popped through yet but they are getting close.  The dentist said you are not going to have room for all your teeth.  We'll see what that's going to cost down the road. 

Wow... listing all the new things is SO hard.  There's so much!  

Clothes:  You wear 2 or 3T in everything now.  You're very tall so we have to go 3T in some things.  When we went to your appointment your nurse went to measure your height on the table slider but she said, "I don't have to do this very often with a 2 year old but we're going to have to go to the hall to measure you because you're too long for the table."  So you marched to the hallway ruler in your diaper and were as happy as could be.  The doctor said he predicts you'll be 6'1" (apparently you can predict this by doubling your height at 2 years old).  Crazy since neither Daddy or I are very tall!  I guess the day is coming when we'll be looking up to you instead of the other way around.  

I know there are so many other things I want to remember about you at 2 so maybe I'll just keep adding to this list.  

I hope that you have some idea how much Daddy and I love you!  I pray that God will make us good parents and that you will grow to know Him above all else.  

I love you Case!

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