Friday, June 24, 2011


Rules???  They were made to be broken!  We went to the rec center two nights ago so that I could hit softballs. For the record... I am still capable of making contact with the ball!  When we were getting ready to leave we walked by the go-karts.  When Wayne and I saw that the car had two seats we knew it was time for Case to go for a ride.  I asked the guy if Case was too little to ride and he said, "he's 3 right?"  I said no and I didn't offer his age but the guy quickly said he'd be fine so I didn't have to.  So my not even two year old hopped in the go-kart with Daddy and off they went...

Now can we take a minute to talk about what a cool mom I am letting my not even two year old ride a go-kart?!?!

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