Monday, June 6, 2011

Firehouse Pickle Bucket

I wish there was some sort of contest that Firehouse Subs sponsored where they looked for the most unique use of their pickle buckets, which you can buy for $2 (The money goes back to the firemen so it's a good cause), because I'm pretty sure I could win!  Here is how we used our $2 pickle bucket...

Yep, it's been turned into a diaper cleaning bucket (this is only helpful if you have a sprayer attached to your toilet for diaper cleaning)!  A friend had bought something like this and I thought it would make cleaning gross cloth diapers (which apparently is all that a 1.5 year old knows how to make) a LOT easier but they are expensive.  So I had this idea to make one and my handyman (Wayne) carried it out.  He cut and glued a funnel to the hole he cut in the bottom of the bucket.  He put a hook at the top to hang the diapers from and ta da... you have a "Clean Your Really Gross Cloth Diapers Without Touching Poop" bucket.  I challenge anyone to come up with a more unique use for their Firehouse Pickle Bucket.  

Sidenote... it might be worth the extra money to buy an unused bucket because it turns out there is NO way to get the pickle smell out so now when I wash the diapers there's a not so pleasant pickles and poop smell in the air.  

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Karen D. said...

"pickles and poop" lol... what a charming combination. ;)