Sunday, June 5, 2011

Easter 2011

Yes, I'm just now posting Easter pictures.  I'm going to go ahead and use the 2 under 2 excuse again and dare anyone to challenge me on it:-)

Here's a look at all my handsome boys before church on Easter...

And after church...
Case loved his new ATV and please note that those shorts are STILL white!  

Hunting eggs

My cousin and her family were there too so Case got to hunt eggs with Nolan!  So much fun to watch those boys together!!!
I think the "Easter Bunny" got a little carried away with the
quantity of eggs and the Grandma's had to take over!
Case and Nolan with their eggs

Case was SO confused by there being two babies... he just
kept looking back and forth from Ty to Eli.  I think he was
a bit concerned we had added another baby to the family.

Case loving on his brother

Ty, Case, Nolan, Eli

My boys :)  (Who wants to give me an award... those shorts
were STILL white at the end of the day!)

Ty and Eli... poor kids.  This is what happens when us
momma's only have boys... somebody has GOT to get
dressed up!
What an amazing blessing this day was for our family!  God has given me SO many amazing gifts but the true meaning behind this day is the best gift of all!!!!

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