Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Future Wife???

Case has been spending a lot of time with Sage lately.  They go on lots of walks together as well as trips to the park.  Last week they also went on a trip to the zoo together.  Could there be a future for these two?  I can tell ya, I wouldn't hate for Case to marry into Sage's family!  I love them!!!  I should get some say so right?!?!?

Sage and Case sharing a stroller at the zoo

Case probably teasing Sage... she looks irritated.  Boys
always tease the ones they like!

Sage trying to explain the importance of a whole grain diet...
typical wife behavior!

Holding hands... so sweet!

Apparently Sage got a little to clingy for Case... I still think
there's a future for these two!  :-)  

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Sara said...

Love this post! We love you guys too! We would be happy to have Case as part of the family:) Your captions on the pictures are the best!