Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend 2011

What an amazing weekend we had!  There is nothing better than having not one but TWO extra days with my husband being home (well, except maybe having more than 2).

Here's a look at our weekend...
Case got a new pair of rain boots, which he
wants to wear ALL the time!

Ready to go play in his new boots!

Case and Daddy camped in the backyard

Case went swimming with Daddy in Grandma and Grandpa's
pool (this smile was short lived)

Case got to meet Uncle Don and Aunt Lydia's chickens
(he wasn't real interested in holding or touching them)

Ty hung out on a blanket while Case played with the animals

Case meeting Aunt Beth's kittens... he wasn't really a fan of
these either... not scared just not real interested.

Wearing Grandpa's motorcycle goggles

Ready to take off on Grandpa's Harley!

Ty got to sport the onsie his Aunt CoCo brought
him from Disney World.  It has Mater on it and
says "who backfired"... this is funny for SO many
reasons!  Could this kid be any cuter?
It was such a fun weekend!!!

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