Thursday, March 3, 2011

37 Weeks

This is my weekly pregnancy update. For details on the story behind these updates you can visit my first one here.

Pregnancy Play-by-play

How Far Along: 37 Weeks   Good job Baby Ty... you've made it to "full term"!  

Size of baby: Baby Ty is supposed to be the size of a watermelon now but he has made it clear that those are only averages and he is NOT sticking with them.  I don't really have any guesses at this point on how big he is.  I guess we'll see in 14 days (but who's counting?).

Total Weight Gain/Loss: + 19  Well I don't know if this was a week for baby to hit a growth spurt but mommy sure did!  Apparently I pack it all on at the end :-(

Maternity Clothes: The suit and all maternity clothes, with the exception of a few shirts that still fit (at least I think they do... if you see me out and my shirt is looking more like a leotard than a shirt please be a true friend and tell me so that I can pack it away until the belly allows).

Gender: BOY!!! Ty Athen!   

Movement:   Ty's movement just depends on the day and the time of day.  Definitely evenings are his more active time.  I still sit in awe and watch my belly move when he is at his most active.  I could watch for hours! I do think he has actually been more active this week all throughout the day.  It is nice to feel him all the time instead of having to really stop and focus on whether I feel him or not.  

Sleep:  Sleep is fine.  I wouldn't call it great but it's fine.  I do pretty good most nights.  I am DEFINITELY more tired in the mornings now and have trouble getting going but once I've eaten I usually feel better.     

Cravings: ICE!!!!!  Yep, still loving it!

Symptoms:  I guess I would say that I'm starting to get a little more tired these days.  I only have two weeks left before the scheduled c-section and I don't really want to go before that so I am trying to "listen to my body" as my doctor says and not pack too much into one day.  

Best moment this week:  I would have to say that the highlight of my week was 2, count 'em, 2 nights out!  The first was a mom's night out with my Baby Jam girls, which was a blast!  The second was dinner at a Mexican restaurant with girls from church... they hooked Ty up with tons more gifts too!!!  I am blessed with some pretty incredible friends!!!!

I'm thinking about doing away with the ticker... it just about puts me over the edge every time I see it!

Pregnancy Tickers

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