Thursday, January 27, 2011

My Ty

We had our big appointment today.  I call it a "big" one because it is the one where we got a glimpse of what Baby Ty will actually look like.  Wayne took the day off so he could be there and my mom did too.  We had to be there at 8 am... this is no easy task with a (nearly) 15 month old that typically sleeps until 7:30.  Somehow we actually made it there on time... I'd also like to note that my mom is late to just about everything but when she is meeting me for my OB appointments she's ALWAYS early.  So funny!

Here's a look at what we saw today...
He's kind of smiling in this picture :-)

Brandi assured me that his nose is not actually as large as it looks here!  I guess his cord is near is face, which causes some strange things to happen.  
You can't see too much movement in the video below (info on that in a moment) but it does show him smiling... I won't attempt to explain when... just treat it like one of those "Magic Eye'' puzzles and feel lucky if you are one of the few that can see it :-)

Baby Ty looked great on the ultrasound however, like his brother, he didn't want to give us too much of a glimpse of what he looks like.  I guess he's of the "no peeking" mindset... well at least until he is 7 years old and finds Christmas presents under my bed.  I bet his mindset will change then!  I was just happy to see that little heart beating perfectly.  He is still a he, which is good news since we've made so much progress in his nursery and all we have is boy stuff.  He is measuring about a week ahead.  Let's just go ahead and call him what he is... gifted!  He is already weighing in at 5 pounds 1 ounce, which is WAY more than I was expecting.  My weekly updates have been quite a bit off considering The Bump (my information source) says the baby should only weigh UP TO 3.8 pounds by Tuesday.

Ty didn't put on much of a show during the ultrasound, which was a bit concerning, although I didn't know it until the doctor mentioned it.  She said she didn't think it was anything to worry about but that she wanted to hook me up to the NST machine just to be sure (I'm sure this was totally for my benefit but I appreciated her making it sound like her idea).  I got hooked up and the baby stayed very steady the whole time without a lot of movement.  After 20 minutes the doc had me drink some OJ and eat some crackers and that got him going!  I guess you don't get to be 5 pounds 1 ounce at 32 weeks with just half a pop-tart and some water for breakfast (I do usually eat a better breakfast than that but it is pretty difficult to get Case fed and to the office by 8:00 am so something had to give).  So it turned out he was just hungry and after a little snack he was all over the place and really hasn't stopped moving since!  I will definitely try to stay more aware of movement from now on though!

The big news is that my c-section has been scheduled.  Baby Ty, Lord willing, will be joining our family on March 17th at 7:30 in the morning.  So Case will be my Halloween Pumpkin and Ty will be my St. Patrick's Day Leprechaun... wait... that's not going to work... let's call him my lucky charm... that sounds WAY cuter than a leprechaun!  It was a little weird to go and schedule the delivery of my child but it sounds like the safest way to get him from the inside to the outside and at the end of the day that's my goal and nothing else matters.

I praise God for giving us a glimpse of our healthy baby boy today.  I am so grateful for my doctor and ultrasound tech as well as all the other ladies in my OB's office.  They are always SO nice to me and call me by name.  It is just a very comforting place to be and I don't think I could ever feel so at home anywhere else!

pregnancy calendar

Yes that ticker does in fact say that I only have 49 days to go... this is SO trippy!


Sara said...

YEAH! So glad you got to see Baby Ty - Amazing! Can't wait until he gets here. I always celebrate St. Patrick's Day - but now it will be extra special!

Tracey Creason said...

How cute!! I can't wait to meet Ty. I think I need to do this with my next baby. Glad everything went well.