Sunday, October 11, 2009

He's My Son

I've mentioned it before but different music defines different points in my life. There are a lot of songs that define the loss of my twin boys Joshua and Caleb but I've recently come across another song. I don't think it was the first time I had heard it but I quickly had to catch my breath because it took me right back. It took me back to the time between when we found through ultrasound they had died but hadn't delivered them yet. I have to admit there was still that tiny spark of hope in the back of my mind that said, "what if they're wrong?" What if Joshua and Caleb are ok? God is a healer. He can raise the dead. All I wanted was to hear them cry when they were delivered the next day. I prayed. I prayed that they were wrong and this song takes me back to that night.

I went to search for a video to post that went with this song and I found it, but I found something else as well. It wasn't a YouTube video of just the song but it was a message. It was the song and how it pertained to Jesus. I was reminded of the sacrifice Jesus made for me and for my sins. Someone put this song to a video from the eyes of Mary, watching her son die. I'm reminded of just how powerful our God is! I'm reminded of His love and how there is nothing He won't carry me through.

The song is He's My Son by Mark Shultz and here is the video:

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