Monday, October 26, 2009

39 Week Update

Here we are. 39 weeks and 4 days. I can honestly say that I'm still in amazement that we've made it here. So many times I've worried that we would lose Case like we lost Joshua and Caleb. Once we got over the 21 week mark, I realized that we might actually get to bring Case home. The pregnancy has gone so much quicker since then. I have actually enjoyed being pregnant. In fact I LOVE it!

We are now seeing that the end of this pregnancy is near and have a date where our little Case will, God willing, be in our arms. This is the date when I will no longer have to remind myself that I'm a mom but I'll actually get to act the part as well. I've longed for this day. I long for this day to come for all the moms that are still struggling with being the mom to a baby they can't hold.

I saw the doctor on Monday. I apologize for just now getting the update out. She said I had dilated to "2ish" but not much else had happened. At this point she left everything up to us. She said we have made it far enough that she's comfortable inducing anytime. Wayne and I really would rather let things happen naturally but are also very aware of her advice to not go past our due date. I asked her if she would be willing to do an ultrasound and hook me up to the ETS (contraction machine) to just verify that everything is fine and at that point we would give Case until his due date to come out on his own. She, as she always is, was great about agreeing to do the ultrasound and ETS. He looked great on the ultrasound. Fluid was good and placenta looked to be in tact (this is where my biggest fear lies because it is what took Joshua and Caleb from us). Brandi, my ultrasound tech, also commented on Case's chubby cheeks and pudgy nose. This thrills me! I love chubby baby cheeks!!! Her weight estimate, which she said can go 6 to 8 ounces either way, was 7 pounds 13 ounces. It is hard for me to fathom that something that big is still living inside of me. The ETS showed Cases heartbeat to be great and didn't show any contractions. With all that good news we were comfortable giving Case a few more days to make his appearance on his own. Without an induction the labor should be easier and shorter. If he doesn't come on his own we are scheduled for October 31st. Yes, we know that is Halloween, but that has been Case's due date from the get go. That is when he reaches the milestone of completing his 40 week journey. That is when we aren't willing to wait anymore due to the risk of stillbirth increasing. We think this is the best decision for us and for Case and the doctor was totally on board with it.

Another great point to having him on Saturday is that Marlena, the nurse we had with Joshua and Caleb, will be working; however she already told us it didn't matter when he came, she would be there. I don't get the feeling that he is coming on his own so I'm thinking Saturday will be the day. I will go back to the doctor on Friday morning and she will see if she needs to start the prostaglandin. If I haven't progressed enough then I will be admitted to the hospital Friday night in preparation of Saturday's induction. I won't know until Friday morning if this is necessary though.

As we draw so close to the end of this pregnancy I ask that you would please continue to keep us in your prayers. Please pray for Case's safe arrival and that he will be perfectly healthy. We are so excited to meet this little blessing that has already brought so much joy to our lives. We will keep you posted on how things are going via Facebook and my blog.

Thank you again for ALL your love and support over the last year! I am so blessed to know that there are so many people out there that care about and love us!!!!


Anonymous said...

We love you Beverly and baby Case as well!! Can't wait to see pics this weekend!!!!! ((HUGS))
Amanda and Jamison ^j^

Anonymous said...

I am so excited for you all! Can't wait to meet you baby Case!

Amiee Carlton said...

It is so awesome to read your updates....I have been anxiously awaiting your arrival at the hospital. Mar and I were just talking on Tuesday and she is psyched to be the nurse to take care of you guys. I can just feel the excitement!!! See ya soon.

Love Amiee

Andy said...

You guys have my prayers! I am so happy for you!