Friday, October 30, 2009

8:45 Appointment Update

This morning was little scary for me. I couldn't feel Case move right away this morning. It took A LOT of poking, proding, lectures from his father, juice drinking, and Pop-Tart eating, before he finally decided to wake up. It really scared me. We had an appointment at 8:45 this morning so I was anxious to make sure his heartbeat was normal since he was so slow to wake up. She checked and it was fine. I think we both just slept really well last night and he wasn't quite ready to stop.

She checked to see if I had dilated anymore and found that I was 3 on the outside of my cervix and 2 on the inside, or was it the other way around. I can't remember now. I had made some progress but not enough to wait until tomorrow to start the induction. She also saw some "bloody show" (forgive me if that is too much information but the ladies out there are going to know what I'm talking about). This was the first sign of that for me and since then I've had a little here and there.

She explained what will happen when I go in this afternoon. She said they will first watch the baby on the monitors for an hour to make sure he is strong enough for the induction. Then they will insert the cervidil tablets. This is the same way that I was induced when I had the boys but she said that was a much higher dose of cervidil. She said that it will most likely take a while for things to progress to active labor. She predicts Case will make his arrival around dinner time tomorrow. She told me she expected me not to go as quick as a second time mom but quicker than a first time mom. We'll find out exactly what that means as we see how everything plays out I guess.

More updates to come very soon :-)

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Natalie said...

I will pray that Case makes his arrival safely and uneventfully.