Monday, October 12, 2009

37 Week Update

Here's the 37 week scoop...
I saw the doctor again today to see if I had progressed any since last week (at that point I was just 25% effaced). I have made quite a bit of progress in one week. I have now effaced to 50% and I've dilated to 1. She said she could feel his head and she has very short hands so that means he has dropped. Now it still doesn't put a date on when Case will join us but I'm definitely getting closer. I asked her if I should be having contractions and she said I probably have had some to get dilated to 1 and if she hooked me up to the contraction machine again she'd probably see some but she didn't think it was weird that I hadn't felt them. She said I won't make it to 3 without knowing it though so I guess I will know whether anything else is happening based on whether I start feeling the contractions.

My fear at this point continues to be that all this could go down when my doctor is out of town (22nd-25th). I REALLY want her to be there!!! We talked about it again and she said that if I have dilated to 3 by Monday we would talk about inducing before she left because that would put me near that "Bishop" score of 7 or 8. The Bishop Score is figured based on effacement, dilation, and other scores. She said my dilating to a 3 could get me there. So there is a possibility Case will be here sooner than I thought. I was kind of thinking after the last appointment that we'd make it to the 31st. Now I'm not so sure. I'm ready whenever he is ready to come out healthy.

I did test positive for strep B, which means nothing more than I will have to have antibiotics when I go in to deliver. The concern without the antibiotic is that as babies pass through the birth canal they can develop meningitis if the mother is a carrier of the virus. 3 out of 5 women test positive for it and it's no big deal other than they'll be sure to give me the antibiotics at the hospital.

Mom was with me at this appointment again. I'm so glad she can go when Wayne can't! She thought to ask about the flu vaccine. The doctor said Wayne had to get both the seasonal and the H1N1 in order to protect Case. That's our only defense for him since he can't be vaccinated. Wayne has never had a flu shot, as he thinks he is invincible but for his baby Case he decided to comply. He went to Meijer first for his seasonal vaccine and then to CVS for the H1N1 mist. All in one day he's prepared...if you know Wayne this won't surprise you. He's like a boy scout! I haven't even gotten my H1N1 yet. I'll get mine on Monday because I can't get the mist since it is a live virus. I have to wait for the vaccination, which my doctor will have Friday. By Monday we should both be prepared!

Thank you for the continued prayers. We are definitely getting closer to bringing Case into this world but we know God is the One with the power. We will continue to trust in Him because only He knows what is best for Case and for us.

I'll see the doctor again on Monday so we'll see where we are at that point. More updates to come as I have news to share.


Summer and Brandon said...

This is such a beautiful picture. You make a lovely pregnant woman! I can't believe you are 1 cm dilated already!!! How exciting. Did they do a scan to tell you how much he weighs? I saw the most adorable halloween onesie at Wal-Mart Sunday and almost picked it up to send to you, but I was worried Case wouldn't get a chance to wear it. From the sounds of things, he might be here well before Halloween! Love ya!

Bette Brown said...

You are glowing! I am sure you are so excited....I'm excited for you and can't wait to hear the good news! Do you think Case will have red, black or brown hair?