Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Frog Called Dot

We got to see little Dot again today.  The ultrasound showed a perfectly healthy little baby; although "Dot" is looking a little more like a little frog these days.  For some reason, I'm totally convinced "Dot" is a girl so I'm just going to start referring to "Dot" as a she.  She's measuring right on track.  I was 8 weeks and 3 days today and that is exactly what she was measuring.  I have to say that the boys were always measuring ahead and I found some comfort in that so it's ok with me if "Dot" hits a growth spurt and gets a little ahead of the game.  Her heartbeat was 176 beats per minute...of course my mom says that automatically means she's a girl.  I honestly don't care what "Dot" is, I am just praying she is healthy and that my body is good to her. 

Here are the ultrasound pictures (you'll be able to see in the first one how "Dot" has taken on the shape of a little frog):
I will see the doctor and have another ultrasound in two weeks on 4-13-09.  I hope to have more great news to share then.  

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