Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Thyroid Update

My endocrinologist is never surprised anymore when he walks into my exam room and looks at my lab results.  I am still seeing him about once a month but things seem to be different at each visit.  

Ever since the boys have been born my thyroid has been a bit of a nuisance.  We knew there were issues with it before I got pregnant with Joshua and Caleb but the issues seemed to be under control for the most part while I was pregnant.  After the boys were born it was totally out of whack again, which is when I found myself meeting with a new endocrinologist.  He's great... a bit chatty but has always seemed very interested in figuring out what it is going on with my body.  

He has put me through a lot of tests and eventually ended up putting me on some medication to treat my hyperthyroid.  As soon as I started that medicine the weight came on.  After the first twenty pounds hit me in the first month I decided to hit the gym.  Now mind you I was still not working so I kind of made that my job and I counted calories and kept a food journal.  I wasn't gaining anymore but I couldn't lose anything either.  I had to have more blood work done so he could check where my thyroid was at that point so I decided I was absolutely done with that medication.  I waited until the blood work and then stopped taking it.  I figured that way he would know what exactly was caused by what.  When I went in for that follow-up appointment the doctor, as usual walked in scratching his head.  I was headed into HYPOthyroid territory.  I had to admit to him that I stopped the medication and he kind of laughed and said that is what he wanted me to do.  

So I went to see him again after another round of blood work (mind you insurance is billed over $800 for each of these blood draws...isn't that absolutely crazy???).  He came into my exam room with the same puzzled look on his face and said everything is in the normal range.  My thyroid is officially normal, at least for the moment.  He will still monitor my blood work but there is still no need for medication.  I know God's hand has been in this and I praise Him for the most recent results.  Now I just need to figure out how to get this weight off (perhaps all those lunch outings at work aren't helping matters). 

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