Sunday, March 1, 2009


On Sunday, February 21, 2009, Wayne, my husband, was baptized.  Now he had been baptized when he was around 10 years old but didn't do it for the right reasons.  He loved to make adults happy back then and thought that would be a good thing to do to bring joy to his family.  Last Sunday he stood in front of our congregation and shared his testimony.  He worked really hard on this and did a fantastic job.  People at our church are still coming up to me telling me what a blessing his testimony was.  I am so grateful to God for making Wayne the man that he is today.  Below, you will find video of his testimony.  You won't see the actual immersion because YouTube has a 10 minute limit and Wayne is a little, shall we say, windy:-)  I tried to include all of his testimony though.  You'll have to forgive me for the shaky camera...I think I might have been more nervous than he was:-)  You can also read a copy of his testimony on his blog.  

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Allie said...

That is such wonderful news!!