Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Answered Prayer

Ok so I'm way behind in posting. I'm going to try to get everything up to date by the end of the week...we'll see:-)

I guess the best news I've received in a while was at a doctor's appointment on 11/20/08. A little background...

In between my most recent pregnancy and the first one, I found out that I have a hyperthyroid...I know...looking at me you would never expect it...I should be skinny or something. Oh well...I guess that was one of the side effects I just wasn't meant to have...bummer! So they watched it fairly closely during my pregnancy with the boys. I was almost required to take drugs to control it but then I leveled out for the most part and they decided it wasn't necessary. After we lost the boys, about 6 weeks out, my OB checked my thyroid again and low and behold it was crazy again. She referred me to an endocrinologist....I wasn't going to the old one that tried to put me on the wrong drug while I was pregnant! I found a new one. He isn't close but he is worth the drive. He immediately did a bunch of bloodwork and ordered a thyroid scan (this is a whole other story). After looking at the bloodwork he had, he pretty much told me that pregnancy wasn't going to be in my near future. He said that I would most likely need to have my thyroid killed using a radioactive method that would require me to go on birth control because I guess radioactivity and pregnancy don't go well together. I was totally bummed after this appointment. He said if we went this route I would probably have to wait a year to even try to get pregnant. He also informed me that the first miscarriage could easily have been caused by my messed up thyroid. I want the best possible outcome next time so I'm willing to do whatever needs to be done.

I had the scan and was scheduled to see him just two weeks later. I spent a lot of time praying that I wouldn't have to wait so long to try again. The doctor seemed surprised by the results at my follow-up appointment. He said looking at the information from the scan he didn't see a reason to kill my thyroid just yet. He said it may be necessary down the road but not yet. He put me on the lowest possible dose of Propylthiouracil (PTU), which is the safest one to use during pregnancy....not that any of them are great. The good news is that it is a low dose and we might have to adjust it later but for now it is a low dose and if I was to get pregnant in the future it shouldn't be harmful to the baby. The best news came next....he gave me the all clear to try again to get pregnant. I couldn't believe it...I went from thinking I was going to have to wait a year to having the go ahead to not wait at all. I was so excited by this news (Wayne was too...LOL). Per OB's orders I still had to wait for two full cycles so it wasn't quite time to try again but it was a least in the foreseeable future. I praise God for was a direct answer to a prayer.

We'll keep you posted on all of this. I go back to see the doctor in January and I'm praying that he will see no need for me to be on the drugs at all. That would be best case scenario. I'm gaining weight pretty easily while on it so I'm kind of convinced that I don't need it....especially with all the holiday food!!!

I've joined the gym and am trying to control it that way but I'm pretty sure it isn't normal. We'll see what happens. In the meantime, I'm just so grateful to God for leading me to a doctor that was interested in really finding out what was going on with me and even more grateful for the news that we will get to try again sooner!

More to come soon...

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MisterLincoln said...

God is Good!!!!! We will continue to pray for you!! Have a Merry Christmas!!